About Cars

You know what I hate? I am 21 and I own a WRX, it’s no big deal, it’s just a car. I love my car, I bought it because I love the make of car and it makes me happy. I didn’t buy it to show anything off, as a matter of fact I seldom come even close to breaking the speed limit. I certainly didn’t buy it so that every dick head I see can say to me “so how does she go?”. “Well wanker, I spent $30k on a car that doesn’t run good and is slow”. I mean honestly, why do people feel the need to ask me how my car goes? The car is driven by about 40% of the worlds rally teams and do people expect me to say anything but “it goes terrific”. That is something that really just shits me.

I just made an order at Amazon.com. I finally got sick of waiting, so I bought myself a good PHP Book and Wil Wheaton’s book, Dancing Barefoot. Amazon.com told me that it should arrive around about September 2nd or some such thing. I don’t want to wait, but I guess I have no choice. Once Dancing Barefoot arrives I will be reviewing it and most likely blowing sunshine up Wil Wheaton’s bum bum in the hopes he will see my weblog and reply to the email I sent him. I am way too lame to ever hope for such a thing, but I vow before all who read this that when and if I get to America I will go to a convention and offer him sex… or maybe I’ll just shake his hand.

So anyway, it’s 10pm and I am dog tired – how lame is that. If my life was any more boring you could make a TV show about it and call it “I have the most boring life ever”… Or not. But seriously, things should get exciting any minute now… Yep… Any minute now… (insert insect noises here)