More fun then a Barrel o’ Monkeys v2.0

Welcome to the second Friday Report, if you read the last one and visited the sites I recommended you will have had a laugh, but I am sure by now you are dying to see some more. Well since last time there has been a new Strong Bad email, or should I say, a new �teen girl squad� by Strong Bad. It�s a good laugh and I highly recommend checking for new Strong Bad emails every Monday. But we have been there, seen that, had those laughs and frankly it�s time for more fun I think.

This is a single webpage with a very interesting clip in it, which if you don�t laugh at there is something wrong with you. Maybe you should try reactivating your emotion chip and watching it a second time. Have a look an enjoy! 🙂

Okay, this is more of a boredom buster than a funny website, but it�s good all the same. It uses some sort of database to connect Arnold Schwarzenegger to other actors though degrees of separation. My brother and I tried every actor we could think of, even the ones with crap careers and so forth and basically found out everyone has an �Arnie Number�. Enjoy! 🙂

This is another online comic very similar to Ctrl-Alt-Del, but a little more sarcastic. I am a Queen of Wands newbie, but my good friend Jason swears by it, so we are going to trust him and have a look.

Some people find swearing funny. Although I try not to swear to much and be a good little boy I do find it highly ammusing when it is in Arabic. I think you should go here and learn to swear in other languages. Some of the insults other countries use is just hilarious! I think so anyway.

If you have never heard of stick death then you are missing out. More importantly I happen to think that this is one of the funniest stick death animations I have ever seen. Basically stick death is just animations of little stick figures killing each other in bizarre ways. I suggest having a look at and the afore mentioned cartoon! Enjoy!

Well I think that is enough without over loading your humour chip, go laugh and have fun. Next week I am taking requests for a theme so if you wish to send me an email, do so using the contact link and I will get back to you!