These last few days have been the best in a long time. I am really happy at the moment. At the risk of making a dickhead of myself, I think I will leave it at that.

One of my processor fans completely died this morning. Luckily I was in Windows at the time and it gave me a warning that my CPU fan was running at a low RPM. I checked the exact RPM: 5! 5 revolutions per minute! So that means if it runs for 60 seconds straight it only turns 5 times. Considering it is supposed to be close to 5 THOUSAND I was a little shocked. The moral to the story is this; don’t buy a dual-processor computer, because two new processor fans will cost you $106.80! What a joke! Clearly that money would have been far better spent on the Disney Pixar Box set. What is more fun than Monsters Inc, Toy Story 1 and 2 and It’s a Bug’s Life all in one set? I’ll tell ya’ what, nothin’!

How smart am I (please note the sarcasm in that statement)? I put my PC on the back seat to take to the computer store. It was standing up and leaning against the back seat. This sounds like the best idea in theory, but when you drive like a maniac (I do) it’s just simply not such a good idea in practice. So I am coming up to some traffic lights and they go amber, the car in front of me begins to brake and so do I.

‘The PC is on the back seat, if you brake to hard it will come crashing down,’ I tell myself.

‘No problem, just brake nice and slowly,’ I reply to my own foolish feeble mind.

I applied the brakes gently (a little too gently) and slowed down slowly (a little too slowly) and came within millimeters of the car in front of me. AND the computer just fell over anyway. All was well though, no one died and the computer stayed in tact. Yay. Then I find a car park and pull in, get out of the car and notice an old guy (about 80 years old!) giving me the bird. Apparently he thought I took his park. I didn’t know that people that old had licenses, let alone the bone density to give someone the bird.

In other news, I really want to sell my computer. I really want to. I feel like chucking a tantrum because I haven’t been able to find anyone to buy it yet, but “thems the breaks” (as they say).

I am considering doing the occasional audio-blog entry on here, but I dunno. I gave it about 6 different tries today and when it finally went well I listened and realized that I have the most hideous voice ever. I honestly sound like a moose with a rope around its balls and that isn’t pretty for anyone to imagine.

The Friday Report comes out tomorrow and hopefully it will be filled with all sorts of fun stuff. Hopefully my book will arrive then too. Until then, keep it real!