What a wonderful evening

Let me pop the top off a Heineken while you children gather around for story time.

Ready kids? Okay…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who came across a toad. The toad whispered sweet words (as occasionally did the princess) and before long the princess and the toad decided they should get together and watch a movie.

The toad hired out two movies and headed to the princess abode, getting lost numerous times along the way. When he finally found the celebrity mansion he and the princess watched a movie. All went fine until the princess kissed the toad, at which time, instead of turning into a prince it was bedtime.

The toad left the princesses home and made for Domino’s. He had been too afraid to eat earlier that day so by the time the movie, and the petting, was over he was rather famished. The toad came home and had a few beers, along with some Pizza, went to bed and dreamed of the princess.

The End.