Geek Rant: Internet Anonymity

You all remember mentor�s last words right? The hackers manifesto? Mentor, the hacker? Of course you do. Well, I think the most important part is this:

We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias…

The funny part is; that aspect of the internet has been totally lost. Digital cameras and scanners have ruined one of the most beautiful parts of the internet. The average IRC or ICQ chat conversation (I�m guessing) lasts about 4 minutes before one or the other asks for a picture. Then there is always the part where one is always hot and the other is butt ugly and the hot one tries to convince the ugly person that they are sexy and that they want to run away together. Damn, that was a long sentence, but I really couldn�t be bothered punctuating it any better. Sorry.

Anyway, I�m tired. Goodnight.

Lovin’ Linux

Making the transition from Windows/Linux to just Linux is a good bit of fun, however there are so many things I have to learn all over again. For example until the other day I would type up my blog entries in Microsoft Word, spell check them, then post them. Now I am typing them up using OpenOffice, which is freeware and I cannot endorse it enough. If you are currently using Microsoft Word and you are sick of paying $bazillion every year or two for the upgrades I recommend downloaded OpenOffice.

So the spell checker in OpenOffice is VERY different to that of Word and it is taking a little getting used to, however I love the idea of not feeding an already bloated software supergiant like Microsoft. I take great satisfaction in never using Windows or anything of the sort ever again. Personally for myself, a programmer and a non-gamer, I don’t need Windows for anything. It made life a little simpler until now but I will never turn back. I feel very Yoda-esque when I say “I have seen the good side of the force”. I hope to never touch Windows as long as I shall live, so help me god.

Man, summer is fast approaching here in Australia and it is freakin’ hot! It’s killing me. I love swimming, but other then that I hate summer. I’d rather be skiing or under a blanket than spending every single minute of every day trying to cool off. At least in winter there is warmth to be found. Trying to find a nice cool spot in the Australian summer can be an absolute joke sometimes.

In other news I might be selling my computer and buying a laptop. Basically it takes up too much space and I really want a computer I can take anywhere with me. If I can manage to get AU$2,000 for it I have found a really nice 3.66Ghz SONY VAIO on Ebay that I might buy for just AU$2,475. Therefore only spending $475 on a computer can be justified to my current budget. I have been keeping spending to a minimum lately so I think I can splurge on an upgrade. Well, it’s not really an upgrade considering I have a theoretical 4Ghz of Processing power available right now, but I really need something portable.

Today all wrapped up in ten minutes

Tokay, I have to hurry and type this blog entry because it is 11:41pm and I want to keep my “one post a day” record going. Today I finished making the fence with dad and I also fixed my computer. There wasn’t anything wrong with it after all and it is working a-ok now. I’m pretty happy about that. I was thinking I was going to have to buy two heat sinks and fans for it and that would probably cost over $100. Instead I will be able to spend that $100 on books and perhaps a new Disc man and some speakers for listening to music at night. Either that or I might lash out and buy myself an mp3 player. I need something capable of playing ogg vorbis files though because I have done away with all my mp3 files. Actually, I don’t even know if there is such a thing. Interesting.

Well this is going to be even shorter than the 19 minutes I had to spare cause I need to pee. I will write a better entry tomorrow I promise.

More fun then a Barrel o’ Monkeys v2.0

Welcome to the second Friday Report, if you read the last one and visited the sites I recommended you will have had a laugh, but I am sure by now you are dying to see some more. Well since last time there has been a new Strong Bad email, or should I say, a new �teen girl squad� by Strong Bad. It�s a good laugh and I highly recommend checking for new Strong Bad emails every Monday. But we have been there, seen that, had those laughs and frankly it�s time for more fun I think.

This is a single webpage with a very interesting clip in it, which if you don�t laugh at there is something wrong with you. Maybe you should try reactivating your emotion chip and watching it a second time. Have a look an enjoy! 🙂

Okay, this is more of a boredom buster than a funny website, but it�s good all the same. It uses some sort of database to connect Arnold Schwarzenegger to other actors though degrees of separation. My brother and I tried every actor we could think of, even the ones with crap careers and so forth and basically found out everyone has an �Arnie Number�. Enjoy! 🙂

This is another online comic very similar to Ctrl-Alt-Del, but a little more sarcastic. I am a Queen of Wands newbie, but my good friend Jason swears by it, so we are going to trust him and have a look.

Some people find swearing funny. Although I try not to swear to much and be a good little boy I do find it highly ammusing when it is in Arabic. I think you should go here and learn to swear in other languages. Some of the insults other countries use is just hilarious! I think so anyway.

If you have never heard of stick death then you are missing out. More importantly I happen to think that this is one of the funniest stick death animations I have ever seen. Basically stick death is just animations of little stick figures killing each other in bizarre ways. I suggest having a look at and the afore mentioned cartoon! Enjoy!

Well I think that is enough without over loading your humour chip, go laugh and have fun. Next week I am taking requests for a theme so if you wish to send me an email, do so using the contact link and I will get back to you!


I like this song.

Today I went and bought a new fish tank for Austin, as promised and two new friends for him. His freinds names are:

– Coco (cause he is black and the other two are gold)
– Jesus (in recognition of Austin’s returning of life)

Cool huh? I will just go take a photo of the new fish tank, be right back…

Back. Woops, now I have to start this post again with the picture in it, be right back…

Okay, here is the picture:

Pretty cool huh?

Just think, in the moments it took you to read those to “be right back” statements ten minutes actually passed in Mitch-time. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

Well instead of boring you guys out I am going to go to bed and call it a night. Hope you enjoy my fishes.

Hot girls make Mitch dumb

My little brother was looking for a new pair of shoes, so I was designated driver. We drove down to Gyro Clothing (the local clothing store for surf style clothing) and we went in. We had been there for about five minutes and “THE HOTTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD” walked in. This girl was so hot, that, if you aren’t properly prepared and you looked at her, your eyes will bleed from the dynamic of her hotness! So what did good old Mitch do? He looked, he kept looking, she looked back and smiled wantonly and he continued looking as if in a coma. She quickly looked away and the window of opportune was gone!

Not that I care, I don’t consider myself “on the market” or “looking” but if I was, man what a joke. I felt as though every possible drop of coolness, of which I am severely lacking anyway, was sucked from my body and I just sat staring at this goddess of sex appeal. She really was a killer, I am not lying.

After I walked out I commented to my little brother on how incredibly hot she was, he informed me that she was 16 so now I have to find someone to confess to. I feel a little perverted, but more amused by how I handled the situation. The worst part is, that’s the story of my home town; the only pretty girls in the entire population are either 16-18 years old (which is too young for me) or have 6 kids. But like I said, I am not phased, I don’t consider myself on the market and I am not looking for romance. So if you are reading this, don’t think I am looking for a buxom young wench to do my bidding, I’m not.

Here I sit…

Here I sit with a bottle of Heineken in hand, nothing in my mind and the prospect of a blog entry before I go to bed. I figure I would do what I always do and just let it flow, but usually by this time I would have an idea of what I was going to write about, but tonight I’ve got nothing. Beer number three and I have something to share. Feedback? Enjoy…

She pulled closed the shutters and stopped the rain falling on his face. She caressed the beads of water from his nose and eyes and drew her finger across his lips wetting them. She kissed him softly and he smiled subconsciously.

“Loving you is bliss,” she whispered even though he was asleep and clearly couldn’t respond. It didn’t matter, she meant just that, it was bliss and she knew it.

She protected him while he slept, just as he protected her whenever they were awake. He was strong like a rock and there was nothing he couldn’t do for her, except show her his feelings. He loved her and she guessed it, but she never knew how much.

A year later and he is all alone. The rain falls on his face as he sleeps and there is no one there to wipe his brow. There is no one there to love him and protect him when he is asleep and no longer strong.

Austin Lives

Okay, well remember I reported that my gold fish, Austin, was dead? He’s not. That’s right, just like Jesus Christ; he has come back from the dead. Some time over the last few days he has come back to life. He has been struggling, but now he is swimming around and looking fine. Man, I am pretty happy about that. I felt a little guilty having killed him so I am going to take extra special care of him from now on. 🙂