Boredom bites hard

What is the worst part about boredom? In my opinion it’s the fact that you would give anything to have it killed and there is no one around to take your “anything” from you and alleviate your boredom. Here I sit, it’s Friday night and you would *think* I would have something to do. Do I? Not chance. Apart from sitting here, coding up some assignments and possibly having a Heineken and posting on my weblog, I ain’t doin’ shit.

Mostly I put it down to this. I grew up here, in Dubbo, with a lot of good friends. Some of them still live here, but most of them have moved away for Uni. The few who stayed are still the 16-year-old idiots that I was when I was 16. Unfortunately I have changed so much over the last 5 years that those guys just annoy the absolute crap out of me. So basically my choices are between being bored or pulling my hair out, and considering I am already thinning on top I choose being bored.

Man, I’m complaining a lot huh? On much happier notes, even though you might not guess, I am happier right now than I have been in a long long time. I’ve met someone who shares all my interests, my beliefs in life and it also doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely gorgeous. When she reads this she will probably tell me to edit that part out, but I don’t care, she IS gorgeous.

Okay, so I am about to go and try and write up something fun for the Friday Report and hopefully get that back on track. That will be my third post today, but who’s counting right?

Update: I will be working a little harder on keeping the Friday Report a bit more regular. To make it a little more fun I would love it if users commented to the existing Friday Reports any sites they would like to see in future. Thanks.