More fun then a Barrel o’ Monkeys v3.0

This weeks Friday Report is going to be a bit of a comic fest. In recent times many friends of mine have pointed me to various online comics and the likes, so I figure why not give the masses (my two regular readers and you, anonymous swine) what they have been asking for. Just a warning; this is a slightly longer than normal entry so I won’t be displaying the entire entry on the main page.

Something Positive – Something Positive (or referred to by regulars as SP I believe) is a very famous weblog I believe. Basically I have only seen a few of the funnier comics pointed out to me by Jason and the kids at #phalacee, but from what I have read it is very funny and very cynical. Definitely worth a laugh, but the only drawback is that most of the comics require you to have an understanding of each stories background.

Ctrl-Alt-Del – Although mentioned before Ctrl-Alt-Del needs mentioning again. It is one of the best online comics around. The guys who design this are clearly A-Grade geeks, which is definitely a plus for me. Anyone who is a geek is obviously going to write good comics for us geeks, so go read. Now geek!

This Modern World – by Tom Tomorrow is really funny. Based on actual events in todays news with a satirical spin added. It is a very funny comic and definitely worth a read. I am a Salon member so I get the comics every Monday, so I am not sure how you get the comics if you arent a member of Salon, sorry.

College Roomies From Hell (a.k.a. CRFH) – This comics is weird in many ways – it is written by a Mexican woman, it is about a bunch of American College students who never seem to study. There are six main characters – 3 male and 3 female. The three male characters are distinguished by the following: Due to an incident involving toxic waste, one has a tentacle as an arm, one has laser beam eyes ala Cyclops from X-Men plus shares his soul with a cat named Chester and one has an eye in the middle of one of his palms, turns into a werecoyote when stressed and owns a pet rock named Pepe. Just your normal average everyday guys. The girls have no abnormalities other than one owning a very large arsenal of weaponry that would put the US military to shame, one is sort of the bride of Satan and the other seems totally normal. Somewhere along the line, Satan appears every now and then to cause a little trouble.

Sinfest – This one sort of defies any explanation other than it can be deeply funny or deeply philosophical at any time. Slick, the main character is Gods gift to women (in his own mind) and very very short. Has very cool hair though. Monique, one whom Slick would like to conquer, is a bimbo of the highest magnitude and knows how to manipulate the boys with her looks. Squiggly is a pig – and I mean a pig. You have Satan selling evil and buying souls and God using hand puppets to explain the meaning of the universe. There are cherubic Angels and an innocent young guy called Criminy who looks up to slick and keeps everyone grounded. If you are looking for deep meaning, forget it.

Newshounds – Imagine a television station staffed by dogs and cats with a rat as the janitor. There are humans here but no-one cares that there are dogs and cats running a television station. Funny stuff.

Surf Rat and Spencer – These two guys have been friends since they were kids and this is the story of their life together. This site also houses a great Star Wars spoof strip called Surf Wars. It hasn’t been updated for a long time though which is a pity.

You Damn Kid – This is a portal to a bunch of comics by the same guy. You Damn Kid is the main one and it is basically the odd and skewed memories of the authors life as a kid growing up as a US Catholic boy – allegedly. It is only updated every now and then cause the guy is now writing comics for his hometown newspaper.

Boy Meets Boy – The title says it all and the authors description is “Like the gay odd couple, but sexier”. Can be hilariously funny or terribly confronting at times. Either way, it’s well written and drawn.

Okay, so there you have it, nine of the best online comics the web has to offer*. I suggest having a look at the Cartoonists Choice Awards at some stage to see the awards that some of these comics have received over the years. Enjoy!

* I actually have no proof that these are the funniest comics or indeed that they are funny at all. In fact most of this could be a fabricated piece of nonsense – you decide.
All reviews marked with symbol were written by Kevin Wilson. Thanks Kev for your input into my Friday Report.