English Muffins make Mitch’s stomach smile

I’ve got the cure for the itch, next time you wake up hungover, try Mitch’s 5 simple steps to recovery.

Step 1: Sleep in as much as possible, but when you do wake up consume copious amounts of water. Hopefully by the time you are ready to get out of bed you have at least a few litres in your stomach.

Step 2: English Muffins. Find them, eat them, find more, eat more. These things are awesome at soaking up whatever is left in your stomach and settling it. I had the raisin ones, they were still pretty darn good.

Step 3: Shower with Lynx Anti-Hangover (or the uplifting guarana one). You would think it’s a gimmick, but they really do work. They contain cool stuff that seriously makes you feel better. The gaurana and stuff is just absorbed through your skin and definitely helps after a big night.

Step 4: Locate an air conditioning duct and have a nap directly in front of it. Lowering your body temperature will definitely help in getting those last nasties out of your system.

Step 5: Go get drunk again. Repeat.

Hope this helps all the alcoholics who might read this page.