New phoneage

Yeah baby! I just score a brand spanking new Nokia N-Gage! Woo hoo! Man they are cool phones, but the only problem is that the little bastards don’t come with any games. How much does that just suck? Oh well, all in all it’s still a kick ass phone, only thing left to do now is to sell my old phone on Ebay (which shouldn�t be too hard).

You know what the best part is about getting a new gizmo? The manuals. I like to use mine to make my bookshelf look full and just like everyone else with a full bookshelf; I haven�t read anything on it. Who reads manuals? I mean, I know chicks do sometimes, but is there anyone in the world so god damn dumb that they can�t figure out that the button with the envelope on it is for messages? If there are; where are these morons, who are these people and why haven’t they been shot? I think they should have two options; male and female. That way when they are selling stuff to a guy they can save the company a buck fifty and not supply the manuals.

I�ve been in contact with the guy who I am buying my laptop off and it looks like it’s definitely happening. It’s an awesome system and for less than $2,000 ($1,995 – lol) it is also an awesome buy! I am really excited and I can’t wait to get it, but after I get it I have to begin the dreaded task of selling my old PC. I don’t care about parting with it, but listing every last item on Ebay and shipping it all off is going to be a nightmare.