Ode to Budgets

Budgets, oh Budgets
You really do suck

Thank you! thank you! Oh, you people are too kind! Yes, I did write that myself! Thank you! I know I’m a genius! Thank you and goodnight!

* exit stage left *

And for my next number; 34 pictures of me naked. Hahaha, just kidding peoples, I wouldn’t wish such a mortifying thing on my worst enemy.

So as you can guess; I am broke and I am sick of having to keep things to a budget. Why can’t I finally realize my dreams of being rich? Why? Because I chose to study didn’t I? I’m pretty sure that the conversation went something like this….

For the sakes of this making sense, you must remember the arguement is between the two sides of every mans brain, including mine. The side of the brain that thinks about money will be called “Big Brain” and the side that thinks about “study” and girls will be called “Little Brain“.

Big Brain: Seriously, lets get into the work force and make some of that proverbial “fat cash”.
Little Brain: Pfft, are you kidding me? Do you know how many girls there are at this University? Do you know how much girls worship guys with degrees?
Big Brain: That may be so, but girls also worship guys who earn a living!
Little Brain: They do not; they worship cars and large penises.
Big Brain: And money, let’s not forget that.
Little Brain: But all the hotties! So many to choose from!
Big Brain: Yeah, but you will be broke, stupid!

Then I am pretty sure Little Brain had the wise idea of getting drunk, killing off a fair proportion of the brain cells held within Big Brain and the argument ended there. Hence, I went off and study. Man, what a jib, there are like no hotties down at Armidale University, honestly. Little Brain needs to get his facts straight before he decides to blow me a fortune next time