More Boobies!

Has anyone ever heard of MAdGE? I’m not talking about Homer Simpson’s wife, but instead, I am talking about Mothers Against Genetic Engineering, New Zealand. What a bunch of crazy Kiwis those lot are! They are bangin’ on about how genetic engineering is unsafe and uncool.

So in a bid to try and further awareness about their cause, they unleashed this poster upon New Zealanders in Auckland and Wellington. Their slogan? “Why not just genetically engineer women for milk?

Now I know there are a lot of guys walking around New Zealand saying to themselves, ‘Dang, I gotta find me a four-breasted bride,’ and, ‘she would beat the hell out of a sheep,’ but what I really want to know is if ANYONE at all is thinking of harassing McCains or joining their cause? So please, post as many comments as you wish!