Ahh! My eyes!

Okay, my eyes are stinging so badly that I believe they could burst out bleeding any second. I have decided to have a go at making a web comic online along with my brother and one of his good mates Shaun. See Shaun’s artwork, here and here on my website. Well once I got the idea in my head, I just couldn’t stop. I sat up until *very* late last night writing scripts, ideas for characters, ideas for plot lines and where the comic could go. All in all I had about six and a half thousand words at 2am for my brother and Shaun to read over. They’ll love that.

Once a few more things are cemented and the comic is a go-ahead I will post some news on here about it. My personal website will now be entirely held here and colonparenthesis is going to be transformed into “just another web comic”.

I have done a lot of looking around at various online comics and how they are run and I have a feeling that just another web comic could be very successful if my humour is as funny as I hope it is. I’ve also done a little bit of graphic work on the graphics I will use throughout the website containing the comic, but for right now I don’t want to release anything.

In a way I feel like another cam-whore, following the latest internet trend, but this is something that really interests me. I’m no artist, but I think I would be really good at writing scripts, digitizing the artworks and producing the comic. So therefore, Josh and Shaun will be the comic artists. Any words of wisdom and support would be greatly appreciated.

Tell me what you think of the logo too…