Exam Number One

I just finished my first of three exams and it wasn’t too bad. Besides the fact that I spent 45 minutes looking for the examination hall (they moved it at the last minute and didn’t notify me) and arrived only just on time and no time to quickly read over my notes. Besides the fact that I studied the wrong stuff and that the exam was different to the past-papers that I studied. Besides the fact I am a moron. If you take out all those things I got 100%, but with those added in the mix I will be doing lucky to pass.

Right now I am a little stressed and I think that I am going to contact my other lecturers for the exam format. The exam I just sat was a lot different to what I had expected, so I am not entirely sure if I have passed, even though I did a fair bit of study.

Tomorrow I have my web design exam – which will be too too easy – and I have my last exam in about a week. I am happy that there is such a huge break, it will give me time to contact the lecturer and ensure a pass in this one.

I’ll post again after tomorrows web design exam and write about how much I aced it – hahaha.

Enterprise Schmenterprise!

That’s right, I am damn well pissed off with the makers of Enterprise. They have the potential to make another great Star Trek series, but they have ruined it in so many ways. Well, just one major way really, and although it might be something small it really annoyed me last night. I was watching an episode called Unexpected, in which, Trip finds himself impregnated by a female Xyrillian. The whole episode was fine and actually made me laugh a fair bit. That was until the Klingons walked onto the Xyrillian ship for a view of Q’onoS and said, “I can see my house from here!”

What kind of drool is this? I can see my house from here? This is Star Trek people, not the god damn Simpson’s. This was the most disgraceful thing I think I have ever heard. It was the Star Trek equivelant of blasphemy. It has harmed Star Trek in ways I think they couldn’t possibly imagine.

Hey Mitch, it’s just a television show, I hear you say. Nay, it is much more than that. While Star Trek is just a long running television series, it also has a vast number of very passionate fans – which I count myself as one. Throughout the 37 years that Star Trek has been running it has developed many cultures and has also developed a great number of rules that the producers seem to forget every time they want to cut back and make a buck. One of these rules is that no Klingon would EVER say “I can see my house from here”.

Okay, I am off my soap box, but still pissed off. Hope you kids have a nice week, will try and write another entry after my exam with is in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Wish me luck!


Exams are starting soon, so not looking forward to it!

I watched some episodes of Enterprise last night and I really enjoyed them. I had never seen much before and I had heard a lot of bad stuff, but it was honestly quite good. And the intro song isn’t *that* bad either. I decided last night that Porthos, Captain Archer’s dog, is one of the coolest little dudes ever. I want a dog just like him so that he can play with Shadow.

Well I am slacking when I should be off studying. I have exams tomorrow and Wednesday, but I’ll give an update after those two are done. Then I don’t have another one until the 18th (this one is the hard one so there will be little to no blogging until around about the 19th or so).

P.S. I should get my laptop tomorrow unless there has been problems! YaY!


Where have I been lately?

It’s a world record; I haven’t blogged in 5 days. I can honestly say that I am well and truly ashamed of myself. It feels quite weird to have so many days to account for in a single entry and I don’t really know where to begin.

Well I just submitted my last assignments for the year, which brings on the dreaded exam period. For the next two weeks I will be very sporadic in my blogging, because I have to concentrate on my studies, but all will be back to normal after that. I have 2 exams this coming week and one the week following. Should be okay, the hardest one is last, but thank god I have an entire week to study for that one.

I should be receiving my laptop tomorrow, which will be terrific. I’m like a little kid at Christmas time right now, I honestly can’t wait to get it. It will be great next year, giving me the freedom to work wherever I am.

Well I am off to walk the dog and other great things just like that. Bye.