Media Database

For any users that had trouble logging in, I have fixed the Media Database. Now all you need to do is use “guest” (without the quotation marks) as your Userid and Password when you log into the site. You shouldn’t need any other type of account unless you plan on adding your own media or borrowing and stuff, but if you want a personalized account made for you, just contact me and it shall be done.

01100010 01101111 01110010 01100101 01100100

Is it just me, or does anyone else get so bored they start doing weird things? Like flossing your teeth in the middle of the day, cleaning the cracks in the keyboard, alphabetizing you DVD/CD collection, or even cataloging your DVD/CD collection?

Okay, well I did all of those today. I honestly never knew I could be so bored, it’s actually really pathetic. One good thing came out of it though, I now have a kick ass database full of all my DVD’s and DivX’s (I’m hopefully going to add my music soon). It’s really cool and if anyone feels like it, they are welcome to jump on to the database, create themselves a user account and peruse my DVD and DivX collections. It’s highly unlikely that anyone reading this will be able to borrow any of them (due to geography) but feel free to look all the same.

P.S. Ten points to anyone who is bored enough to decode the binary title for the page… Hehehe

Happy 100th Birthday!

Well this is the 100th weblog entry I have made on this wonderful (or not so wonderful) website. The title was originally going to be “Happy 100th Birthday, your sad, but a little happy!” but the image generator would have a spew if it had to create a title that long.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the road. I can’t get down to see my mates for New Years, because I really just can’t afford it. I have like $20 to my name and it would cost at least $200 to get down there and back. I wish now that I had of sold my Palm Pilot on Ebay like I had planned, but no, I was too lazy and never got around to it. The other thing is a huge, ugly, drawn-out incident that I just don’t want to get into.

Now, for the good stuff…

Wow, I just had my first non-geek “Uni Friend” go through my Weblog. If you search through the comments there are a few from “Ryan” and “T-Bone”. They are the same guy. T-Bone and I were like best mates back at Uni and we hung out together all the time. When I talk about Uni, my stories will usually include him in some way, even if he was just there. T-Bone and I hit it off the moment I got to college; it was just an unreal friendship. In the two years I knew him we never had any arguments or any of that shit, we just got drunk together and had fun together. Out of all the guys from Uni, I’d have to say that T-Bone is one of them I’ll miss the most.

After T-Bone went through my weblog he told me that he liked it. It felt amazing to have his approval on this. Not because I want to marry him or something, but because, in some small way, I’ve always hidden how much of a geek I am. Not everything, just some of the geekier stuff that I talk about on the weblog. But to have him say that he liked my site and my writing and not rib me about what a hell crazy geek that I am, felt really good.

Colon Parenthesis is no more…

Remember a little while back I wrote a blog entry called “Warning: Burnout Imminent”? It was a blog entry about the fact that I just have too many projects running at once and things are just getting increasingly harder to keep up with. Well I finally killed one of these projects. Late last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I copied all of the files from the colonparenthesis dot com website and moved them onto my weblog. Now this webpage contains all of my personal information. Soon it will contain my photo galleries and stuff like that and when the domain name expires I will not be renewing it.

I will still be keeping this website and I will most likely still keep the Digital Heroine Network running. It’s sad that I have had to give up my personal website like this. Colon Parenthesis meant a lot to me from the start, but this is something that I have to do, so it is done.

Funny stuff!

Man, Wil Wheaton is so goddam funny! Go here! And click on the Video Highlight link! Do it now, don’t wait to see what else I have to type! You can come back later! GO GO GO!

Okay, so I just wanted to inform my readers (If I still have any?) of my life plan. That’s right kids, I’m not just floating through life aimlessly, I have a 2� year plan. And here it is.

Finish University, go to Europe.

5 words. Man, I am just pathetic. I basically plan on doing a professional barman�s course before I go to Europe; pouring drinks straight from memory, flipping and throwing bottles and a few bar tricks. What I really want to do is to just get on the plain, with a little money, and just go on an adventure. I wanna get there and work my way from place to place. I think if I have enough bar knowledge and stuff like that, I should find it easy enough to work my way through Europe and see the things I wanna see.

Before, I really go to bed this time, I will live you with these two photos. One is the lid of a Heineken bottle, I just felt like photographing it and the other is of my door, which is now adorned with Goku and Heineken poster-thingys.


The Return of the King

I went and saw the third installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy on boxing day and it was truly awesome. I turned up 50 minutes before the movie was set to start and still struggled to find a seat in the cinema, the phenomenon behind the three movies has been awesome.

I expected a *lot* from the third movie, and I mean a lot. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The Return of the King was possibly the best of the three movies, however I don’t think that the battle scene in The Two Towers will *ever* be beaten.

Well until five seconds ago I had anticipated a pretty dull new years. All my friends are getting together in Queensland and for me that means a 20 hour drive. Luckily, one of my mates who lives close by, might be going down to the party, which means I might be able to get a lift with him. Man, it would be so unreal to see all my old University friends again, I have only seen them a handful of times since I left College almost a year ago. I miss them; these guys were my closest mates for 2 great years. We lived together, we ate together, we showered and toileted close by to each other. They were my friends and my family for two of the best years of my life.

Well, I’m going to have a Heineken and a few pretzels while I do some coding and then I will be off to bed. If you haven’t already, go see The Return of the King, it is an unreal movie and is not to be missed. Until next time, stay cool!

Christmas Eve

Well it’s late so I will make this blog entry quick. It has been a typical Christmas Eve, we all got in the cars and went Christmas light hunting – we drive around and look at the houses that have impressive Christmas light features, terrific fun.

I took a few photos, but I haven’t gotten them off the camera yet, but when I do, I will post them to my photo galleries. Anyway, it’s almost midnight and if I know my little brother, Josh, he will be waking me up at around 6 tomorrow. Night!

Real Geeks

The other day I was talking to a friend and referred to myself as a geek. His reply went something along the lines of, “is geek the new cool of today?” This really got me thinking. Yes it is definitely cooler to be a geek today then it might have been 10 or 20 years ago. People admire geeks for their computer skills and their electronics intelligent, but I am not sure if it is “cool” to be a geek.

First of all, what is a geek?
Well, I will give two definitions, the 1982 version and the 2003 version.

1982: Some skinny guy with big teeth, glasses, warts on his fingers, plays with his butt too much and regularly says, “nei nei” and so forth. No athletic ability, no luck with ladies. A loser.

2003: Anyone who is passionate about something. In the words of Wil Wheaton:

“You know, it’s not good enough for us to watch 2001, we have to understand everything about that movie. And we want to know. It probably doesn’t matter to 90% oif the population that Hal 9000 missed plays in that chess game. But when you talk to a bunch of Geeks, you know, it’s a big deal.”

Geeks are usually into technology, but geeks are known to vary into many different types, including; Business, Arts, Computer Management, Computer Science, Communications, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Science, Literature, Math, Medicine, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Technical Writing.

Geeks in 2003 are no longer socially awkward or unkempt, but quite often the opposite. Geeks rule the world, because information is power baby! In my opinion, the nerdy guy with glasses is no more; the geek has evolved to a higher life form.

Christmas Eve Eve

It’s 11:49 PM and my eye lids feel like they have lead weights attached.

Finding it harder to concentrate.

Finding it harder to code.

Must rejuvinate.

* insert redbull *


* insert more redbull *

This isn’t working.

Must sleep now.

Ta ta then, bye bye now.

UPDATE: I didn’t end up getting to sleep until almost 5:00 AM the following morning.