Funny stuff!

Man, Wil Wheaton is so goddam funny! Go here! And click on the Video Highlight link! Do it now, don’t wait to see what else I have to type! You can come back later! GO GO GO!

Okay, so I just wanted to inform my readers (If I still have any?) of my life plan. That’s right kids, I’m not just floating through life aimlessly, I have a 2� year plan. And here it is.

Finish University, go to Europe.

5 words. Man, I am just pathetic. I basically plan on doing a professional barman�s course before I go to Europe; pouring drinks straight from memory, flipping and throwing bottles and a few bar tricks. What I really want to do is to just get on the plain, with a little money, and just go on an adventure. I wanna get there and work my way from place to place. I think if I have enough bar knowledge and stuff like that, I should find it easy enough to work my way through Europe and see the things I wanna see.

Before, I really go to bed this time, I will live you with these two photos. One is the lid of a Heineken bottle, I just felt like photographing it and the other is of my door, which is now adorned with Goku and Heineken poster-thingys.