Happy 100th Birthday!

Well this is the 100th weblog entry I have made on this wonderful (or not so wonderful) website. The title was originally going to be “Happy 100th Birthday, your sad, but a little happy!” but the image generator would have a spew if it had to create a title that long.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the road. I can’t get down to see my mates for New Years, because I really just can’t afford it. I have like $20 to my name and it would cost at least $200 to get down there and back. I wish now that I had of sold my Palm Pilot on Ebay like I had planned, but no, I was too lazy and never got around to it. The other thing is a huge, ugly, drawn-out incident that I just don’t want to get into.

Now, for the good stuff…

Wow, I just had my first non-geek “Uni Friend” go through my Weblog. If you search through the comments there are a few from “Ryan” and “T-Bone”. They are the same guy. T-Bone and I were like best mates back at Uni and we hung out together all the time. When I talk about Uni, my stories will usually include him in some way, even if he was just there. T-Bone and I hit it off the moment I got to college; it was just an unreal friendship. In the two years I knew him we never had any arguments or any of that shit, we just got drunk together and had fun together. Out of all the guys from Uni, I’d have to say that T-Bone is one of them I’ll miss the most.

After T-Bone went through my weblog he told me that he liked it. It felt amazing to have his approval on this. Not because I want to marry him or something, but because, in some small way, I’ve always hidden how much of a geek I am. Not everything, just some of the geekier stuff that I talk about on the weblog. But to have him say that he liked my site and my writing and not rib me about what a hell crazy geek that I am, felt really good.