I was such a cute child

This is just a quick one to say I got bored the other day and decided to scan in some photos for safe keeping. I ended up scanning a whole bunch of kid photos of me and I decided to post them on my site.

Check out my photo gallerys, here.

And my kid photos, here.

Bad bad boring bad day

This was just one of those days that would never seem to go right. One of those days that you want to accomplish a lot and in actuality don’t really achieve anything. I had pretty big plans for the day, including; writing some more of my story, building some more of the database website, continuing my story and writing a lot of tutorials for my online school. Instead I spent the whole day trying to repair former mistakes, including; some bad programming I did a while ago and some awful writing too.

It’s now 10 o’clock. I am writing a HTML tutorial on my laptop in the hot lounge room while Star Trek plays on the television. I am on a break because staring at the gloomy HTML code is bringing me almost to tears. I think some light writing will make me head feel less sore, but right now I doubt anything is going to make me feel better.

I am going to try and find some way of publishing my writing to the Internet, but also at the same time protecting it. I don’t want to lose my ideas to some hack in Germany who has a google-translator, but at the same time I would love to have some feedback. I will try and find some sort of script that will time stamp and keep records of the stories progression, hopefully the date stamps should protect me from some loser stealing my ideas.

Humans are stupid

How often do humans sit down and realize just how dumb we are. I mean, seriously, we are the dumbest beings there are. In comparison, dogs are so much smarter than we are. They are our pets and we rule a planet, they don’t ruin all of their resources, fight to the point of genocide, war or kill, but useless humans do all of the above.

Some of the dumbest ways to look at humans is to take a look at our technology. Just one example is the CD-Rom drive on a computer. A marvelous piece of technology; it can make data, audio and video, plus read them as well. This is one of the most outstanding pieces of technology when it comes to data storage. Such a tremendous breakthrough and the god damn thing relys on a paper clip – you know that little hole on the front of CD Drives, that’s there so that if there is a problem you can stick a tiny piece of metal down there to fix it. Are you serious? All this technology and research and it relies on a clip designed to hold paper?

Hot Chips. This is one of the dumbest things that humans do. We sit down with a plate full of hot chips. We pick up a chip and it begins to burn our hands, so we do the smart thing and put it back down, right? WRONG! We put it in our mouth so that it will burn that instead. Obviously the fact our fingers are sore isn’t enough, we also want blisters on our tongue. Ridiculous.

I think that one of the dumbest things people do involves suing other people. I recently read a story that went something like this.

1. Women sues company
2. Women reaps a minimal settlement
3. Women returns to company
4. Women complains when she finds out that because of her legal action, the service she requires was no longer available.

How stupid, but a very typical human response. Sometimes I wonder how long the human race will last with such a stupid get-rich mentality.

Warning: Burnout Imminent

I have really overbooked myself lately. I have bought on so many different obligations into my life and I have a feeling that I will burnout from it all. Here is just a small list of everything I am doing right now.

Online Database – I am building a database full of information regarding Star Trek and it’s various sub-categories.

Online School – I am presently writing lessons in HTML, C++, Perl, PHP and Javascript, to teach people to program. Although right now it is a ton of work and I am getting literally nothing for it, I hope that one day I could look towards making cash from my online teaching.

– Story Writing – I have recently sent off a synopsis of a story to a fellow writer, who told me that he thinks it is very good, very original and that I should go ahead and expand it into a full on novel. Having always wanted to do writing I have taken the advice gratefully and I am writing an average of 2 hours a day on that.

– Web Design and Weblog – This site and my personal site do not create themselves. I am planning on merging the two shortly and making them one, but with this comes making colonparenthesis dot com into a web comic.

Web Comic – I’ve been writing scripts, working on ideas, working with Shaun on characters, scanning drawings and working with them and just all round thinking about the web comic. This has been one of the most fun and one one of the most stressful.

What a list huh? Yeah, well it hasn’t been easy, I have to admit. And before too long I will be contending with these as well as University work. Basically this will mean that some of this list will have to be culled somewhat and I honestly can’t say right now which will have to be culled off. Each of these projects means an awful lot to me and deciding between them will almost kill me.

Great Southern Land

Australian summer is like no other. A Dubbo summer is even worse. Where I live the humidity levels are usually very low and the temperature very high. As I write this I am sitting with a wet wash cloth across my back which I continuously run to the air conditioner to cool it down again.

The worst part about Dubbo is that it has very little gap between summer and winter. Where in most parts of Australia the seasons are as follows..

Summer: December, January, February
Autumn: March, April, May
Winter: June, July, August
Spring: September, October, November

In Dubbo, it is more like this…

Summer: Most of September, October, November, December, January, February
Autumn: A little bit of March
Winter: March, April, May, June, July, August
Spring: A little bit of September

That’s right, it is absolute hell. Personally I would like winter all year round and then a few days of summer when I am in the mood to have a swim. I hate summer because if it gets extremely hot I constantly have nose bleeds, headaches and I regularly get sick. My body has a really hard time coping with the summer.

The other day in Newcastle was so nice, the humidity actually made the summer seem far milder.

Summer does bring one very important thing to all parts of Australia; cricket. I am loving it. Right now I am watching a 5-day test match between India and Australia and boy am I enjoying it. Personally I think we really need to get a wicket if we are to win this thing, but I am hopeful.

Anyway, I’m off to the pool for a swim.

The Concert

Well I posted the other day about going to see Powderfinger in concert. I went, I saw, I conquered enjoyed. What a terrific night, I was honestly enthralled. We arrived in Newcastle after a 4½ hour drive and quickly had a shower, then found a pub to have a few beers before the show. We sat down and had a New each and ate a really nice dinner and headed to the venue – The Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

We arrived at about 7:25pm and saw the last few minutes of The Tremors. These guys were pretty average, but good on them for getting up there and giving it a go at such a big concert. Their only saving grace was a pretty cute trumpet player / singer who was wearing a belt short skirt.

At 7:30pm The Tremors departed the stage and gave way to The John Butler Trio. These guys have long been a band that I have admired, they produce great music and are technically among the best musicians there are. Anything I knew about them before this night was nothing compared to what they showed me. They were just unbelievable. The only bad part about their 50 minute set, was the fact that John was hidden from me behind a lighting rack, which from a musicians point of view, really sucks a little bit not to be able to watch him strumming away on his 12-string guitar.

At about 8:30pm – 9:00pm (I can’t be certain, because I was simply having too much fun to care what the time was) Powderfinger came on stage. By this time if I had of been forced to leave, I still would have gotten my moneys worth – The John Butler Trio were just *that* good – but Powderfinger made the night even more memorable.

The last time I saw Powderfinger play live was at The Big Day Out in 2000 and I thought they were awesome. At this time they were a little unheard of and a lot of extremely rude people were jeering at them because they were anxious to see KoRn (“KoRn, KoRn, KoRn, KoRn, KoRn, KoRn”). This concert was not long after they released their first major CD, Double Allergic, which I owned and loved, so it upset me a little to see such a terrific band copping crap of assholes in the audience.

Since I saw them in 2000, Powderfinger have definitely worked a lot on their showmanship. They really rocked and even encouraged the people with seats to stand up and rock the place – in fact, by the end of the concert they had the entire audience on their feet, not a small feat. Hahaha, feet, feat… Synonym anyone? *shrug*

The two highlights of the nights would have to be the extended performances of “Betterman” by the John Butler Trio and “These Days” by Powderfinger. Both of these popular songs were extended with drum/guitar solos nd so forth, both equally impressive.

All in all, the entire night was 3½ spuds out of 4 and I would like to personally give it two thumbs up. If anyone in Australia is lucky enough to live close to one of their shows, I strongly recommend going along and having a listen – you won’t regret it.


Shakey Start

Well the holidays officially started on the 1st of December and it’s already been a roller coaster ride. After two great nights with some Christmas partying, I have just received one of the worst Christmas Presents I could ever ask for. Just this morning I got a phone call informing me that one of my really good mates had passed away. It really hurts and my face is still wet with tears, but I will try and re-cap the two Christmas parties and give a little story about my friend.

Christmas Party
Every signle year, my family has a “Tree Trimming Party”. Pretty funny considering our tree is fake and doesn’t require “trimming”. Well this year was topped with the fact that my best mate, Jeremy, was going to be home for it. It was terrific to see him, because since he joined the Army I have only seen him a handful of times.

Basically the part starts out with a wonderful meal from my mum – dude, she is like a gourmet chef, this meal is just so awesome! Then after the meal and quite a few beers, we all decorate the Christmas tree. It’s a great bit of fun.

After the tree trimming party, Jeremy and I went off to the Macquarie Inn – a local haunt from when Jeremy and I were in our later years of high school – and had a few more drinks and a few games of pool. This was a great deal of fun, we reminisced over times gone.

Well we all went out and my memory is a bit shabby from this point on, but I do remember giving a slightly hard time to the cab driver, it went something like this…

* Taxi driver hauls on the breaks and nearly crams 4 parked cars *

Me: Jesus mate, settle down! I wanna get there alive you know.

* Jeremy appologises for me, but also laugh *

Me: Christ buddy, you tryin’ to kill me?!

Taxi Driver: That’ll be $9 and 25 cents.

Me: Righto, here’s 10 bucks, keep the 75 cents for getting us here alive… HAHAHA!

Yeah, so basically I was a bit of an ass, but in my opinion Taxi Drivers expect it. If you sign up to be a part of the public transport system, you should expect assholes like me.

For Eags
Justin was a great mate to myself and everybody else who knew him. I have lost count of how many great times and good laughs we had together, but I can safely say that he was a terrific mate. Justin and I had backed each other up in dozens of silly fights – yes, we’re just typical bloody males – and bought each other more beers than I could count. I once spent a week of the Christmas holidays with Justin and his family and I know that they will miss him.

To Justins family and all his other friends – especially Bill, Yeti, Big Doug, Little Doug, Patto, Parame, Aidan, Ryan, Bernie, Robin, Sam, and Jess, I know I have forgotten people and I am very sorry, I am just a little upset right now – I send my best wishes. When I found out this morning what had happened, it took the heart out of me. I truly can say that Eags was a terrific mate and he shall be missed by all.

I hope that no one thinks it is innapropriate for me to write this here, but I just really wanted to get a lot of it off my chest. Just contact me if anyone has a problem.

The Empty Game

Everyone has played The Empty Game before. It’s that game you play when you are a little short on cash and you don’t want to fork out for fuel. When the needle is finally pointing to the red “E” you start telling yourself, ‘hey man, she’s got at least another 10 kilometers in her’. The problem is that 10 kilometers passes by and you find yourself saying, ‘maybe another ten?’ And so the game is named The Empty Game.

The reason I bring this up is because so many things in life go back to the rules of The Empty Game, seriously. I don’t think anyone has ever considered this before me, which means I either have too much time on my hands or I am smarter than the average bear. Personally I wish it was because I am smart, but I know better. I am going to show you a few things in life that closely relate to The Empty Game.

When will he call – Girls play this game after *every* single date they go on. They don’t really mind who calls who, but if they are going to be the one doing the call, they play the game. They wait as long as possible without calling their date. After about 16 hours, they really want to call their date, they want to find out if they were a good kisser or if their hair smelled pretty, all that stuff, but they are too scared to call him. So they don’t and as it becomes closer to 48 hours, they get anxious again, but by this time they are just certain he’ll call any minute and before they know it; it is 4 days after the date and the only reason they call is out of desperation and fear of rejection. Of course once they call, they realize how silly they’ve been and that the only reason he hasn’t called is because out of nerves they wrote their phone number down wrong.

When will he be home – Parents play this game when the kids go over to the park and they are told to be back by 4:00pm. The parents are fine until about 4:10pm and they start pacing around and getting a bit of a temper. They start yelling, “He better be home soon or I’ll kick that kids ass.” Now this game is played on two levels, let me explain both.

Level One: There is a certain time that parents will wait before going to pick their kids up and abusing them in front of their friends. This time usually starts at 10 minutes and works it’s way close to an hour before they actually go through with it. Then there is hell to pay.

Level Two: Deep down inside, I think parents want to be just about at the point of leaving, or, at the very least, half way to the car. This allows for maximum stress release onto the child and allows the parent to really go haywire and vent all their work related frustrations.

If you really sit down and think about it, The Empty Game applies to so many situations in life. For married women; they sometimes play the “When is he gonna tell me he loves me, it’s been 4 days” game, this is closest related to the Level Two of the When will he be home game, because they want it to be a long time before it happens so they can really blow up. I’m certain that there is nothing more disappointing for an old married woman then being 5 minutes from blowing her head off at her husband and he says, “Honey… I love you! Nice pancakes!”

bancing darefoot

As you may well know, I am a huge Wil Wheaton fan. Not only do I admire his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation, his best-selling book Dancing Barefoot, but I also admire him as a person and I enjoy his weblog as much as anything else I can think of. Well a long time ago I ordered a copy of his book, Dancing Barefoot, from Amazon dot com and I also promised a review of the book.

Well I have been slack and although I have written most of the review, I have not published it on my site yet. So here it is, along with some *terrific news* regarding Wil Wheaton’s book(s) and career; Wil Wheaton has just signed a publishing deal with O’Reilly and Associates. For anyone who is even the slightest of geeks you should know that O’Reilly is responsible a lot of the computer related books available to you and I. This is a huge opportunity for Wil* and I hope the books are as exciting as Dancing Barefoot.

And here is the book review:
I just put down Dancing Barefoot. Simply put, it was terrific. If you are a fan of Wil’s Weblog, WWdN, then you will love this book. It’s only 117 pages from cover to cover, but it is definitely worth getting.

Dancing Barefoot is a child of Wil’s project Just a Geek which he is still writing. In writing Just a Geek, Wil had to cut out 5 of the stories and rather than tossing them out completely he released them in a separate book, Dancing Barefoot.

This book is a collection of 5 short stories – 4 very short and one not so short – that are adaptations of Wil’s Weblog. The stories all originated from Wil’s Weblog, but have been elaborated on to create a full story for each. This has given readers of the Weblog, an “offline version” to put on the shelf.

I really want to talk about the stories a lot more, but I think it would be cruel to take away anyone’s chance to read it for themselves. I give the weblog 4 spuds out of 4. Enjoy!


* For those of you who read WWdN you should understand that this hasn’t come easily for Wil and just because he “used to be on TNG” doesn’t mean that this deal was just handed to him.