Recharging My Creative Batteries

I haven’t posted to my weblog in almost 3 days. The calendar tells it otherwise, but I haven’t written since Monday night (or 2:16am Tuesday morning). It’s mainly because I’ve needed a rest. Lately I have helped to design so many weblogs, plus constantly designing my own, plus writing my story, I’ve just needed a rest. In fact, apart from writing this weblog entry, I don’t plan on touching the computer today. I just need some time away to recharge my creative batteries and return a better writer / designer.


Man, I nearly died in the early hours of this morning when I went to the Lord of the Rings movie marathon. It was really terrific and I enjoyed it, but by about half way through RotK I was so insanely sick and I decided to leave. I think the fact that I had eaten to much candy and drank to much soda, combined with the fact I was running on only a few hours sleep, equated to making me very sick. It was a shame to miss the end of RotK, but there was little to be done about it.

Well I think I am going to have a computer free day. I may play some Nintendo or Xbox or something, but no coding or weblogging, or anything that takes too much mind power. I need a rest day for once.

Ohh hellllllsss yeessss!!!

Woo hoo baby, tonights the night. I am going to go see the Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon. The movie starts at 9:00pm, but I am going to get down there early (7:30pm, in fact) so that we get some good seats. Last time I only made it one hour early and I still ended up with crap seats. It’s a 10 hour movie marathon and boy I can’t wait.

My picnic pack:

Big Red Gum, heh, very American of me, yes? Well when I lived at college we had an American exchange student, Katie, and she got me hooked on the stuff.

Well I am going to go get ready for the movie marathon. Bye!

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers     Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


About a week ago I decided to keep a dream journal in the hopes of better understanding my dreams. I also bought a cheap book to try and learn a little about dreaming. The journal has been kinda helpful and I just posted a strange dream that I thought I would share with my weblog.

It is 1:21am and I just dreamed that I was thrown into gaol (jail) with my brother. We went to visit the gaol (jail) and parked outside. We walked to it’s gates and they were taking in inmates, somehow one of them grabbed us and took us with them. We tried to explain to the guards that we weren’t supposed to be there and we got bashed and sent into the hole – a dungeon where they make you work very hard 24 hours a day.

I finally got to see my brother again after a month and we were both heaps different. We were both angry and full of hatred towards the guards, the inmates and everyone. It was us against the world. We had to make various friends with horrible people in order to survive and make it. One of the guys who lived there was called “blue” and he was retarded. He scared us and always found syringes and threatened to stab us with them. He also tried to escape and got killed, then the guards bought his body back and showed us.

The dream felt like it went forever and after we got out, my parents took us on a holiday. We finally convinced the guards to check our records and we were released. When we went on holidays with my family, I can only remember two things.

First, we went on a parachuting course and I had a really boring time. We were jumping off this tree that was only a few meters high. Everyone else enjoyed it except me and everyone was mad at me because I didn’t enjoy it.

Second, I was losing my teeth at one stage and I kept telling everyone that there were new ones growing in their place, but when everyone checked they said there wasn’t. I lost over half of of my teeth before I woke up.

Comic Fever

At the risk of an official from one of the sites seeing this and getting pissed off, I downloaded all the comics from Megatokyo and Ctrl-Alt-Del. I have been laughing my butt off for about the last 12 hours since I got them all, I honestly love Megatokyo, they are the best comics ever.

This morning Kevin had his MSN icon set to a picture of Astro Boy and in a fit of nostalgia I decided to download a few video clips and stuff. Good fun.

Astro Boy

More Fun Than a Barrel O’ Monkeys V4.012

Oohhhhhhh. (devilish laugh). It’s that time again, baby! It’s Friday Report time!

Well in my last report, I said that this report (and future reports) would be a little hard to write. It’s never easy to find new and interesting stuff, but I have tried my best.

Guinness World Records – Personally I think the best way to view this site, as with any records site, is to look for the “I can’t believe someone is THAT bored that they would do THAT just to get a world record” records. Those ones are hilarious!

Oxymoron List – ‘Nuff said, really. Everyone loves a good oxymoron. Unless you don’t know what an oxymoron is, then you are almost totally dumb.

Create Bands dot Com – This is really cool for those times when you have 5 minutes to kill.

Dancing Bush – Pretty Funny, make ol’ Gee Dubblya dance around like a goose. Always humorous.

Maximum Exposure – Watch real life videos of accidents, stupid stunts, motorcycle jumps, explosions, skateboarding, car crashes, animal bites, rescues, sky dives, police chases, bungee jumps, *INSERT DEEP BREATH SOUND* extreme sports, fights, and more…

Virtual Bubble Wrap – This is especially useful for when you are moving house and your annoying sister/girlfriend won’t stop popping the bubble wrap on you. I know thats a sexist comment, but it really does seem to me that girls like to pop the bubble wrap more than guys.

Lemonade Game – Make your own online lemonade stand and see how much lemonade you can sell. Based on the weather forcast for each day, you decide how much to charge per cup and how much inventory to buy.

Well that’s more than enough to last you all until next Friday. Until then, keep smiling and don’t take life too seriously.

Rain Storm

It’s really storming hard outside. Has been for about an hour. The rain is soaking the air conditioning unit and the smell is wafting into the house via the ducts. It smells so fresh and sweet; I just love the smell of rain. Thunder cracks every few moments and lightning fills the sky, I am honestly in heaven. I really love being inside on a nice stormy night, it’s beautiful.

I just wrote this weeks Friday Report and now I have lit some lavender incense. It’s sweet smell is filling the air in the hopes of relaxing me for a decent nights sleep. I didn’t get to sleep last night until about 4:30am and I woke up this morning at about 11:00am. I have been running on 5½ hours sleep (or less) for about a month now and it is killing me. I lay in bed and I just can’t sleep. I should be so tired right now, but I’m not at all.

Well, this months Atomic Magazine arrived in the mail today, so I am off to have a read. Until next time, stay cool and eat your greens!