Holiday (Day 2 – Part 2)

I have been home now for about 48 hours. I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken last night and got my second lot of food poisoning from them. My message to the boys and girls at KFC: I don’t care how many secret spices you have, you need to make your chick not make people barf. Anyway, I want to post a wrap-up of my holiday.

After I posted the last entry we left the beach and went back to the hotel. Things were boring so we decide to go to the Star City Casino. Dad, Peter and I all make our way there and after being rejected for entry because we were still wearing thongs, we return home to get properly dressed. Our second attempt is far more successful and we get into the casino and have a great time. We spent the whole time watching Peter winning at Pontoon and just chatting, it was great fun. I was tempted to pull out a 50, but I resisted the urge, wisely so, considering my current financial state.

We are making our way home to meet the girls for dinner. We get close to the sign that says, “cash in your chips here” or something like that. Peter turns to me with two $25 chips in his hand and smiles. “Let’s go to that $25 Blackjack table. We’ll have one bet each. If we win; we win, and if we lose; we lose.” Under normal circumstances I would *never* gamble someone else’s money, but Peter convinced me.

We sat down, side by side, and threw down our $25 chips. Peter turns to me and says, “all I need now is an Ace and I’ll be happy.” I nod in agreement as moments later we both get dealt an Ace. We both laugh and watch the rest of the cards being dealt out. Dad whispers in our ears, “all you need now are picture cards and we can get out of here rich!” Before we knew what has happened; Peter gets dealt a Queen and I get dealt a Jack. Blackjack for the both of us!

We cannot believe it. It was really a one-in-a-million thing that happened and it helped pay for all our dinner that night. We had collectively won about $150, which I think is pretty impressive considering we sat on a table with a $5 maximum for most of the day.

After that, we went and had dinner. Pretty straight forward, then a stroll on the harbor before we all went to bed ready for the final day of our holiday.