Holiday (Day 3)

Well day 3 of the holiday was pretty boring, apart from the white water rafting, which was awesome. We all got up very early and packed the cars. The final bills were paid at the Hotel and we checked out and made our way home. We had a 12-non booking for all 8 of us to go to Penrith for an hour of white water rafting. There is an Olympic course there and it was really cool. For anyone who knows about white water rafting, it is a Type-3 river (not a simulated Type-3).

We arrived with about 15 minutes to spare and everyone got into (and out of) their clothes in preparation for the white water rafting. We finally get our gear on and are in the rafts (I will spare you the boring safety talks – lol). We push off and I am sitting next to Peter. We begin practicing scrambling from side to side to even out the boat if we get into trouble and we begin.

After about 3 laps we get to learn how to “surf” a wave. This is where you go to a spot where the white water is really curling back onto itself and you try and stay in position by moving the weight in the boat from side to side. We managed to keep our boat afloat for about 10 minutes straight until we didn’t get on the side enough and the boat flipped completely. I am told that I had a “ride ’em cowboy” look on my face as it went down, but everyone else was in absolute panic. I thought it was really great that we were going to get wet, up until I came to the surface and saw the look on Mums face. She was panic-stricken and so worried, but not about herself, about Josh and I. She came to the surface spluttering the words, “Where’s Mitch and Josh?! Where’s Mitch and Josh?!” I giggled for a second, until I realized that she was actually putting her life in danger because she wasn’t worrying about her own safety. Well I started floating off and there wasn’t much I could do. I just put my legs up the way the guys told me to and just kicked back and enjoyed the ride. Luckily, Mum was quickly dragged out of the water and everyone was fine.

Josh, Steven, Myself and our Instructor has one last “surfing” experience, when we purposely took it into the hardest part of the course with the intent of flipping the boat. I felt my side go up fast, so to make the most I jumped and did a back flip off the side. It felt pretty cool.

Other than driving home, nothing much happened at all. Mum was *very* sick and still is, and all in all it was a pretty good holiday.