More Fun Than a Barrel O’ Monkeys V4.012

Oohhhhhhh. (devilish laugh). It’s that time again, baby! It’s Friday Report time!

Well in my last report, I said that this report (and future reports) would be a little hard to write. It’s never easy to find new and interesting stuff, but I have tried my best.

Guinness World Records – Personally I think the best way to view this site, as with any records site, is to look for the “I can’t believe someone is THAT bored that they would do THAT just to get a world record” records. Those ones are hilarious!

Oxymoron List – ‘Nuff said, really. Everyone loves a good oxymoron. Unless you don’t know what an oxymoron is, then you are almost totally dumb.

Create Bands dot Com – This is really cool for those times when you have 5 minutes to kill.

Dancing Bush – Pretty Funny, make ol’ Gee Dubblya dance around like a goose. Always humorous.

Maximum Exposure – Watch real life videos of accidents, stupid stunts, motorcycle jumps, explosions, skateboarding, car crashes, animal bites, rescues, sky dives, police chases, bungee jumps, *INSERT DEEP BREATH SOUND* extreme sports, fights, and more…

Virtual Bubble Wrap – This is especially useful for when you are moving house and your annoying sister/girlfriend won’t stop popping the bubble wrap on you. I know thats a sexist comment, but it really does seem to me that girls like to pop the bubble wrap more than guys.

Lemonade Game – Make your own online lemonade stand and see how much lemonade you can sell. Based on the weather forcast for each day, you decide how much to charge per cup and how much inventory to buy.

Well that’s more than enough to last you all until next Friday. Until then, keep smiling and don’t take life too seriously.