About a week ago I decided to keep a dream journal in the hopes of better understanding my dreams. I also bought a cheap book to try and learn a little about dreaming. The journal has been kinda helpful and I just posted a strange dream that I thought I would share with my weblog.

It is 1:21am and I just dreamed that I was thrown into gaol (jail) with my brother. We went to visit the gaol (jail) and parked outside. We walked to it’s gates and they were taking in inmates, somehow one of them grabbed us and took us with them. We tried to explain to the guards that we weren’t supposed to be there and we got bashed and sent into the hole – a dungeon where they make you work very hard 24 hours a day.

I finally got to see my brother again after a month and we were both heaps different. We were both angry and full of hatred towards the guards, the inmates and everyone. It was us against the world. We had to make various friends with horrible people in order to survive and make it. One of the guys who lived there was called “blue” and he was retarded. He scared us and always found syringes and threatened to stab us with them. He also tried to escape and got killed, then the guards bought his body back and showed us.

The dream felt like it went forever and after we got out, my parents took us on a holiday. We finally convinced the guards to check our records and we were released. When we went on holidays with my family, I can only remember two things.

First, we went on a parachuting course and I had a really boring time. We were jumping off this tree that was only a few meters high. Everyone else enjoyed it except me and everyone was mad at me because I didn’t enjoy it.

Second, I was losing my teeth at one stage and I kept telling everyone that there were new ones growing in their place, but when everyone checked they said there wasn’t. I lost over half of of my teeth before I woke up.