That’s simply my life story…

MxPx titles make Mitch smile. ๐Ÿ˜›

For the last few days I wander around, going about my business, with the “I’m blogging this” in the back of my mind. I make notes of what to write in my weblog, I remember times and numbers and funny comments to write. Then, I get home, I sit at OpenOffice and think to myself, ‘why in f**k can’t I think of anything to write about?’ It is really frustrating, especially for someone who likes to think of himself somewhat as an amateur writer.

Tonight I went and saw Along Came Polly at the cinema. It wasn’t too bad of a movie, but had way to many clichรฉ moments where everyone in the audience screams, “PLEASE! AVOID TAKING A CRAP AT YOUR GIRLFRIENDS PLACE, IT ALWAYS ENDS UGLY!” Also found out that the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be at a marathon this sunday and I honestly cannot wait.

Strong Bad E-mail is down. I know, it’s devastating news. However! Salvation is at hand! I have located the latest email for all the geeks out there, so rest assured that Mitch is on your side. It’s a really good one. So go! Go now!

Reebok Rads

Okay, so I was hell bored and went to google in the hopes of finding a photo of a pair or shoes I wore when I was a kid. When I was about 8 years old, I begged my mother to buy me a pair of “Reebok Rads” from Grace Bros. She got them, because I am her favorite (you hear that Josh?!), and here is what they looked like. Hideous, absolutely hideous.



Well last night was a nightmare. I really killed movabletype – it was my own fault – and I had to re-make *all* of the weblogs. What a night it was, I didn’t get to bed until 3:15AM and I am still tired today. I hope none of the guys have any problems with their sites.


I tried to copy a file to my “Media” drive this morning and the doggarn drive was full. I have managed to fill an 80GB Hard Drive with Music, Pr0n and the odd DivX? Goodness. So today I am going to put ALL of my DivX’s onto CDs and no longer have them on my hard drive. This won’t be fun, but it is necessary. I did delete 2 full DVD backups and it made a little space, but here is the state of my two drives. On the left is my C-Drive which contains Windows and stuff, on the right is my D-Drive where I save all my files and make all my backups.

c-drive.gif    d-drive.gif

Ahhh, brand new eyes!

Well I had to go to the doctors the other night about my eyes, because it felt like there was something stuck in them. There was nothing and it’s being cause by allergies, so he gave me some medication for them. Boring, boring, boring. After he prescribed me medication he also gave me some kick ass eye drops for when my eyes are being strained (i.e. Playing video games or coding). w00t!

These drops are so nice. You keep them in the fridge and unleash them whenever your eyes feel irritated from watching the television or monitor for too long. What a sweet idea. So not only do we geeks have caffeine to enhance out coding prowess, we now have sweet little eye drops.


More Fun Than a Barrel O’ Monkeys V4.011

It is disgraceful how long it has been since I’ve written a Friday Report. Today I decided to get back into the barrel of monkeys and find some cool stuff on the net and share it. I spend, at least, a few hours a day surfing the net, so there is really no excuse for me not to post a few interesting sites every week. So without any further ado, I give you; More Fun Than a Barrel O’ Monkeys V4.011…

Rubik’s Online – This page rawks! m/ Personally I am huge on puzzles, not those crappy ones where you make a picture of a dolphin or something like that, I am talking about real puzzles, like the Rubik’s Cube. If you haven’t got a Rubik’s Cube, go get one!

Kill Frog, wow I’m really new to this one, but the cartoons are really funny. Further exploration of this site is warrented.

How To Write Unmaintainable Code – This is especially relevant to any coders/hackers who read my weblog. This page is absolutely hilarious!

404 Research Lab – This site is full of funny 404 messages from all over the web. Definitely worth a look.

Maddox: The Best Page in the Universe – This guy is truly funny. The website is somewhat a weblog, but it is made up of Maddox just really taking the p**s out of anything he chooses. It is a really funny site, but I have to warn that some people might find him a little offensive. That said; read on!

The Terminator – This web page is very simple. Type in the name of any actor/actress who has been in a feature film and they will be related to Arnold Schwarzenegger by “degrees of separation”. Basically, I sat at the computer for hours and only managed to get 3 degrees of separation. If you get one higher I’d love to know about it.

Megatokyo – This web comic is very similar to Ctrl-Alt-Del which I posted about not so long ago in V3.0 but I think it’s really good. I bought the Kimiko Blanket from Thinkgeek about twelve months ago and it is so nice!

Drew Curtis’ Fark – Go there. ‘Nuff said!

Well that about wraps it up. I think that the next Friday Report will be very hard to write; I have almost tapped all of my favourite sites, so from now on I am really going to have to do some searching. Rock on kiddies! m/

Check me out! Yeah, baby!

Okay, in what should hopefully be the last major thing I add to the website, I have gone and added an Amazon section to the right of this website. Headings include “What I’m Reading”, “What I’m Watching” and “What I’m Listining To”. I have done this for two reasons, one is because I am a complete camwhore and I love adding to my site, the other is because I am hoping it will make me read more and save the embarrassment of having the same book sit under my “What I’m Reading” heading.

I know I have added a lot to the site lately, so I really want to know what people think. I really want to know whether the few people who come here like the way my site looks now or if they think it is becoming cluttered. Is there anything in particular that you do/don’t like? Anything you think they site could do without or anything you think the site is lacking? Comments, please kids! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mars Moblog

So, for those of you who don’t know; I am a huge WWdN fan. I think he is a kick ass writer and he often inspires me when I really can’t think of anything to write here. I was looking around today and he had a link to the Planetary Photojournal. As I write this, I am downloading a 44.3MB TIFF File from that website, it’s a picture taken of the horizon that has all the mountain ranges labeled.

My Friday Report will be out this Friday. It hasn’t been a while, but it is finally happening. I have already written it, so I can absolutely guarantee that it will come out this week. From now on version numbers will be as follows

Fridays Repot will be V4.011

This is derived as…

4 = 2004
01 = January
1 = First report this month.

So therefor, if I was to write the 2nd report for November next year, it would be V5.112, get it? If not, click here.

Well I am off to watch The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Collector’s Edition), because very sadly, I haven’t watched it yet. I know, it’s pathetic and almost worthy of revoking my geek-hood, but luckily, I’ve done plenty of coding to make up for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stardate Script

I have just built a very nice and simple stardate calculator in PHP. It’s pretty simple to install really. Just make sure that you are editing a .php file and not a .html file and add the following code at the start of the file:


And the following where you want the stardate to be output to:

echo starDate(time());

Too easy. I will be adding functionality for it to work with graphics and also to act as a counter for your website (i.e. You are the nth visitor since stardate XXXXX.XX). Stay cool kiddies.

Credit goes to John Voysey, who coded the original Javascript that this file was the basis of. Thanks John.

Holiday (Day 3)

Well day 3 of the holiday was pretty boring, apart from the white water rafting, which was awesome. We all got up very early and packed the cars. The final bills were paid at the Hotel and we checked out and made our way home. We had a 12-non booking for all 8 of us to go to Penrith for an hour of white water rafting. There is an Olympic course there and it was really cool. For anyone who knows about white water rafting, it is a Type-3 river (not a simulated Type-3).

We arrived with about 15 minutes to spare and everyone got into (and out of) their clothes in preparation for the white water rafting. We finally get our gear on and are in the rafts (I will spare you the boring safety talks – lol). We push off and I am sitting next to Peter. We begin practicing scrambling from side to side to even out the boat if we get into trouble and we begin.

After about 3 laps we get to learn how to “surf” a wave. This is where you go to a spot where the white water is really curling back onto itself and you try and stay in position by moving the weight in the boat from side to side. We managed to keep our boat afloat for about 10 minutes straight until we didn’t get on the side enough and the boat flipped completely. I am told that I had a “ride ’em cowboy” look on my face as it went down, but everyone else was in absolute panic. I thought it was really great that we were going to get wet, up until I came to the surface and saw the look on Mums face. She was panic-stricken and so worried, but not about herself, about Josh and I. She came to the surface spluttering the words, “Where’s Mitch and Josh?! Where’s Mitch and Josh?!” I giggled for a second, until I realized that she was actually putting her life in danger because she wasn’t worrying about her own safety. Well I started floating off and there wasn’t much I could do. I just put my legs up the way the guys told me to and just kicked back and enjoyed the ride. Luckily, Mum was quickly dragged out of the water and everyone was fine.

Josh, Steven, Myself and our Instructor has one last “surfing” experience, when we purposely took it into the hardest part of the course with the intent of flipping the boat. I felt my side go up fast, so to make the most I jumped and did a back flip off the side. It felt pretty cool.

Other than driving home, nothing much happened at all. Mum was *very* sick and still is, and all in all it was a pretty good holiday.

Holiday (Day 2 – Part 2)

I have been home now for about 48 hours. I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken last night and got my second lot of food poisoning from them. My message to the boys and girls at KFC: I don’t care how many secret spices you have, you need to make your chick not make people barf. Anyway, I want to post a wrap-up of my holiday.

After I posted the last entry we left the beach and went back to the hotel. Things were boring so we decide to go to the Star City Casino. Dad, Peter and I all make our way there and after being rejected for entry because we were still wearing thongs, we return home to get properly dressed. Our second attempt is far more successful and we get into the casino and have a great time. We spent the whole time watching Peter winning at Pontoon and just chatting, it was great fun. I was tempted to pull out a 50, but I resisted the urge, wisely so, considering my current financial state.

We are making our way home to meet the girls for dinner. We get close to the sign that says, “cash in your chips here” or something like that. Peter turns to me with two $25 chips in his hand and smiles. “Let’s go to that $25 Blackjack table. We’ll have one bet each. If we win; we win, and if we lose; we lose.” Under normal circumstances I would *never* gamble someone else’s money, but Peter convinced me.

We sat down, side by side, and threw down our $25 chips. Peter turns to me and says, “all I need now is an Ace and I’ll be happy.” I nod in agreement as moments later we both get dealt an Ace. We both laugh and watch the rest of the cards being dealt out. Dad whispers in our ears, “all you need now are picture cards and we can get out of here rich!” Before we knew what has happened; Peter gets dealt a Queen and I get dealt a Jack. Blackjack for the both of us!

We cannot believe it. It was really a one-in-a-million thing that happened and it helped pay for all our dinner that night. We had collectively won about $150, which I think is pretty impressive considering we sat on a table with a $5 maximum for most of the day.

After that, we went and had dinner. Pretty straight forward, then a stroll on the harbor before we all went to bed ready for the final day of our holiday.