New Laptop

Wow, I should be getting my new laptop sooner than I though, w00t! After being blatantly ripped off on last time, I have decided to buy my new laptop from Harvey Norman. I won’t be getting it until late next week, but I am pretty excited about it. This bad boy even has a DVD Burner, which basically means I am going to have to try real, real hard to get my University work done. Also means I will actually be able to back up stuff properly, which I haven’t been able to do since I had my old tape drive – lol.

Last night with Eathan was really nice and I hope he had a good birthday. We had a nice meal and then went an had a few beers afterwards. One of Eathans friends works at Electronics Boutique here in Dubbo and might be moving to Orange soon to manage his own store. I told him that I want his job when he leaves and he laughed at me like I was messing around – bastard – lol.

Next weekend, with any luck, Dean and I should be having a huge one and getting trashed. I haven’t been properly drunk since I lived at College, and that was 2 years ago.

Anyway, here is a picture of the laptop I should be getting and some final words:

Well my friends, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice!

Ewwww, snakes!

My brother bought two snakes yesterday.

I hate snakes, they smell like chutney and wheelbarrow tires.

Creepy crawly little things they are.

So what if they are only 20cms long, they will eventually be big and able to kill me.

Unless I kill them first.

Crack their little necks.

Stomp their little faces.

I think I might kill them.

Yes, kill them.

Or, better yet, I will wait till whacking day.

Yes, whacking day.

Don’t know why I am writing like this, yet strangely satisfied.

Yes, satisfied.

Megatokyo Stuff

This is the megatokyo stuff I bought, minus the mug. I am going to submit it to Thinkgeek for their customer action shots when I take some more photos, with any luck it might get posted. Also gonna take a photo of Shadow on his binary blanket and submit that w00t!

Back… Sort of…

Well, after a very short break, I am kind of back. I really missed writing in my weblog, so I might just start writing but less often. It won’t be like I used to with an update just about ever day, probably just one or two updates a week. Hopefully things should return to normal in a month or so.

Happy Birthday to Eathan for yesterday! One of my best (and oldest – we’ve been pals for about 12 years now?) friends turned 22 yesterday. I am dreading my own two two, but hey, what can you do? Eathan is a great guy and we are having a dinner for his birthday on Saturday night, hopefully I will have a few nice pics to show from that little adventure.

My megatokyo stuff arrived the other day and it was even sexier than I expected. About the only problem was the clip on the lanyard was very flimsy so I took it off and replaced it with my own clip that is less likely to break.

University starts back on Monday, which I am beginning to get a little excited about. It should be a challenging and rewarding semester.

I’ve just finished my design of the new Zoo FM website that should replace their current design (which looks like a retard drew it with a crayola set) in the next week or so. I am doing this site out of the goodness of my heart, but hopefully it might spawn some work with a few local businesses.

Last but not least, for anyone who didn’t notice, I have finished the sites redesign. Currently it is in version 3.01b, because I still have a few things to add, but with any luck it will be working completely soon. I have removed commenting on the site for the time being and just allowed users to email me straight from each entry by clicking “E-mail Comment” at the bottom of the entry. Please click here if you want to report any errors with the new design.

Blogging Mode Off

I won’t be blogging for a short while. I just have a lot on my mind and nothing that I can really share on here. I will try and post some links so some fun websites tomorrow. Until my return, stay cool.


As if my last code posting wasn’t enough, I decided to take the Stardate code just a little further and make a form that users can grab the stardate of any date of their choosing. I recommend selecting a date over the year 2323 or else it will come out as a negative value, but other than that, have fun!

Check it out!

Thanks go to John Voysey who wrote the original code for the script, I have merely given it a touch up and extended the functionality. Feel free to use the code as long as the credit to myself and John stays commented inside the code. Thanks.

Money Spending

Okay, you are thinking one of two things right now…

1. I thought you were broke?
2. Isn’t this your third post in one day? NERD!

The answer is “Yes” to both of the above. But about 30 minutes ago, I was *kind of* not as broke as usual, but now I am. Why, you ask? Because Megatokyo merchandise from Thinkgeek was calling. I had to have the graphic novels and then I thought to myself, ‘Mitch, are you stoned or stupid? Don’t spend $27 on postage for just two items!’ So then I grabbed a mug and a new lanyard for my keys.

Here are the links to the stuff I bought in case you wanna see them! 🙂

Megatokyo Graphic Novel
Megatokyo Graphic Novel – #2
Megatokyo Lanyard – MT Lanyard w/Bell
Megatokyo mug

Punk The System

Just lately I have been going crazy with my music and driving everyone nuts. No one can stand my music, which is usually Punk, and I find that the most beautiful motivation to play it more and play it loud. NoFx are one of the greatest punk bands to ever live and I just can’t get enough of their song “Lower”.

Lately, my head feels hungover 24/7 and I just can’t seem to hold a thought some days. Today feels better than the past few days, but my head still feels like it is off my shoulders. I hope this all passes before University starts, its only a week or so away now.

Speaking of Uni going back, I am seriously not looking forward to it. Not because of anything except for the fact that it means I have to actually do stuff. Now, before you are hasty and label me “lazy”, hear me out. It’s not that I don’t want to work or anything like that, I’d just like to be able to chill out 6 days of every week, see that’s not too bad is it? lol

Friday The Thirteenth

Has the world gone mad? Everyone has been crapping on about how this Saturday is the 14th of February, which marks V. Day (closely related to D. Day), but no one has realized – at least to my knowledge – that today is Friday The Thirteenth!


Maybe, everyone has realized that it’s Friday The Thirteenth, but it’s bad luck to talk about it, and no one has told me. And then, the best part; Jason’s hand punches a hole in the back of my skull and he feasts on the warm goo inside (small meal, I know)


Maybe, this was all part of the plan. Friday February The Thirteenth was to be THE Friday the Thirteenth and the entire of human race was supposed to die today. AND the most baddest part of this, they set it there to distract us with a puke-worthy holiday like Valentines Day. Those bastards, well damn the man I say! You can sit there reading my weblog and downloading porn and mp3’s if you like, but personally, if I only have a few more hours to live; I am spending all my savings on beer and hookers. See ya!

I’m Gonna Get Sued

I tried to contact Piro from Megatokyo about making a megatokyo skin for movabletype. He didn’t reply, which is what I expected, but still, it’s a shame. Well tonight I grabbed some images, cropped them down and emailed them to my phone for wallpapers. And I am gonna post them here. I really hope that no one from Megatokyo sues me, but I think a nice disclaimer might help.

Disclaimer: This is not my work, it is the work of Fred Gallagher and Megatokyo. The only thing I have done to these images is crop and resize to exactly 176 x 132 pixels to fit a standard Nokia N-Gage screen as a wallpaper. No copyright infringement is intended. Should Fred Gallagher or any other Megatokyo partner wish me to remove these wallpapers, please email me, and I will do so immediately.

Ph34R t3h cut3 0n3s - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com    3vil has many guises - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com    Kimiko Nanasawa Number One - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com

Kimiko Nanasawa Number Two - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com    Kimiko Nanasawa Number Three - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com    Kimiko Nanasawa Number Four - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com

Broken Miho - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com    Piro and Largo - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com    Piro and Largo (game characters) - Copyright Megatokyo dot Com