Money Spending

Okay, you are thinking one of two things right now…

1. I thought you were broke?
2. Isn’t this your third post in one day? NERD!

The answer is “Yes” to both of the above. But about 30 minutes ago, I was *kind of* not as broke as usual, but now I am. Why, you ask? Because Megatokyo merchandise from Thinkgeek was calling. I had to have the graphic novels and then I thought to myself, ‘Mitch, are you stoned or stupid? Don’t spend $27 on postage for just two items!’ So then I grabbed a mug and a new lanyard for my keys.

Here are the links to the stuff I bought in case you wanna see them! 🙂

Megatokyo Graphic Novel
Megatokyo Graphic Novel – #2
Megatokyo Lanyard – MT Lanyard w/Bell
Megatokyo mug