Punk The System

Just lately I have been going crazy with my music and driving everyone nuts. No one can stand my music, which is usually Punk, and I find that the most beautiful motivation to play it more and play it loud. NoFx are one of the greatest punk bands to ever live and I just can’t get enough of their song “Lower”.

Lately, my head feels hungover 24/7 and I just can’t seem to hold a thought some days. Today feels better than the past few days, but my head still feels like it is off my shoulders. I hope this all passes before University starts, its only a week or so away now.

Speaking of Uni going back, I am seriously not looking forward to it. Not because of anything except for the fact that it means I have to actually do stuff. Now, before you are hasty and label me “lazy”, hear me out. It’s not that I don’t want to work or anything like that, I’d just like to be able to chill out 6 days of every week, see that’s not too bad is it? lol