Back… Sort of…

Well, after a very short break, I am kind of back. I really missed writing in my weblog, so I might just start writing but less often. It won’t be like I used to with an update just about ever day, probably just one or two updates a week. Hopefully things should return to normal in a month or so.

Happy Birthday to Eathan for yesterday! One of my best (and oldest – we’ve been pals for about 12 years now?) friends turned 22 yesterday. I am dreading my own two two, but hey, what can you do? Eathan is a great guy and we are having a dinner for his birthday on Saturday night, hopefully I will have a few nice pics to show from that little adventure.

My megatokyo stuff arrived the other day and it was even sexier than I expected. About the only problem was the clip on the lanyard was very flimsy so I took it off and replaced it with my own clip that is less likely to break.

University starts back on Monday, which I am beginning to get a little excited about. It should be a challenging and rewarding semester.

I’ve just finished my design of the new Zoo FM website that should replace their current design (which looks like a retard drew it with a crayola set) in the next week or so. I am doing this site out of the goodness of my heart, but hopefully it might spawn some work with a few local businesses.

Last but not least, for anyone who didn’t notice, I have finished the sites redesign. Currently it is in version 3.01b, because I still have a few things to add, but with any luck it will be working completely soon. I have removed commenting on the site for the time being and just allowed users to email me straight from each entry by clicking “E-mail Comment” at the bottom of the entry. Please click here if you want to report any errors with the new design.