Top ten ways to know that you are BORED

10. You make a list of “top ten ways to know that you are bored”.
9. You make up hypothetical conversations to amuse yourself and no one else.
8. You draw a picture of the word “bored” in l337-speak… b0r3d
7. You eat a weeks worth snack food during just one 30-minute infomercial show.
6. Anthony Robbins actually starts making sense. Eep!
5. You ponder the logistics of cow-milking.
4. You are actually almost inclined to read a gossip magazine. *puke*
3. You sit with a pen and paper for 17 hours trying to pencil out the intricacies of time-travel.
2. You read a crappy feng shui book and rearrange your room.

And the number one way to know you are bored: You spray your shorts with a jet of water, making it look like you wet yourself, just for laughs.

Yes. I am bored. Way too bored. Utterly and pathetically bored.

These Days

I have my Winamp on loop to continuously play “These Days” by Powderfinger over and over again. It’s a pretty depressing song, but when I think about certain aspects of my life, it really sums up how I feel about myself.

This life well it’s slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing like I had planned
Control well it’s slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing like I had planned

I look at where I am in life and where I should be. The two really don’t seem to meet at all. When I was going through high school, I worked so hard until I hit year 12. I worked so hard and I threw it all away in my final year. But then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I got to University and bludged twice as much as I did in year 12. In two years I passed next to no subjects (I should have passed 16).

Sure, I’ve done plenty since leaving College and living back at home, but I can’t help but think where I would be if I was graduating in just 6 months time. I can’t help but think I would be doing so many things I’ve wanted to do, and sooner.

Anyway, that’s already too much of me being depressed. It’s another ridiculously hot day today, so hopefully we will go for another swim. Hopefully we won’t have to look at any old mens penis’ too! lol

The Swimming Poo … L

Today I went to the pool and had a bit of a swim. This week has been all 40+ degree days. Tomorrow they have forecast a 42 degree day (104 degrees F for all you seppo’s) and I am not looking forward to it.

The point of this post? I hate 50 year old men! You go to the pool, you are cooling off and feeling good, you swim towards the ladder to get out and dive back in. You look up. What do you see? Not blue skies! Not a pretty blonde in a nice bathing suit. No, no, it’s far worse. You see a 50 year old man in speedo swimmers (and then you puke)! Isn’t it disgusting? Don’t they realize that no one wants to look at their shriveled up old *exploited deleted*.

Anyway, not much else is happening. Boring stuff. Uni starts in exactly 12 days and I am really not looking forward to it at all. I am, but I am not – all at once. I am excited to start some *really* hard units and improve my programming skills, for my l33tness must grow, always.

P.S. Just for the sake of not being asked. The title is a reference to that fact that you are swimming in crap whenever you go to a public pool. lol

Valentines Shmalentines

Valentines is a stupid holiday. Some French loser probably invented a holiday for his boyfriend Valentine and named it after him. It just gives me the shits. First of all you have the crappy couples who spend a million dollars on one another – those people are very dumb. Then there is the depressed single people, man we had heaps of those when I lived at college – I sympathize with these guys, somewhat though.

Valentines is the bigges, most commercial holiday of the year. The worst part is that you don’t even get the day off for it. So these idiots who spent a billion dollars on their significant other also have to push it all into the 5 hours they have between work and bedtime, which fills the streets with these sappy losers with more dollars than brain cells.

Oh, and last but not least, Happy Valentines. Waste money on someone you love, today! Like the Valentines Day banner kids? It’s crap, just like the holiday, huh? 🙂

Pre-Semester Excitement

The semester hasn’t begun, but I must be excited because I have installed movabletype on the university server and begun a weblog to keep all my notes in. I figure that I can type a lot faster than I can write, so it’s the best way to store my notes. Plus, at the end of the semester, when exams are due, I can just print each subjects notes.

I swear, if I was any more obsessed with movabletype and weblogging, it would be scary. I’m surprised I don’t movabletype my shopping list every day. Well, I am tired after a huge day and I need to get to bed. Tomorrow I am going to start reading some of my COMP285 notes and hopefully summarize some of the notes.

It’s Hot!

As I write this it is 40°C (104°F) and it is hot! It was just as hot yesterday AND last night. This coupled with an almost 0% humidity means that last night I would spray myself with water all over until I am soaked, and then, in less than a minute, I would be completely dry again. It is impossible to stay cool. Even downstairs where there are two air conditioners running, it is still impossible to cool off even for a minute or two. It’s too hot to sit still, it’s too hot to even think. I am going to go and drown myself in water and hope it helps.

Damn, is this picture sexy or what? I love the NX-01…

Click me to enlarge!

Sketch Album

I sit down and load up my website. It takes only a second over broadband and I hit refresh just in case. No recent comments, but that’s not surprising, Kev is taking a break at the moment and he is my main comment-er. Calender sneaks into my view and I suddenly realize that I haven’t posted since the 4th. Some quick maths skills and I realize that is 4 whole days. That’s pretty pathetic from the “I’m Blogging This” poster child, but hey sue me.

So the other day I said that I finished a sketch and it was really bad. Well I found this wonderful tool called an Eee-Ray-Sir. I removed her head and started again. I got the hair just right, but her eyes are still stupid. Considering that Kimiko is the first Manga girl to light fire in my dreams (yes, I too, am laughing hysterically right now) I just didn’t do her justice.

I have also drawn “Boo” which is a hamster with wings who is Largos conscience. I think he is very cute. In all of the comics, Boo just says “Squeak” and Largo replies with something like, “What’s that little dude? We need guns and crossbows? We need to kill the Zombie hordes? Sweet! You rock little dude!”

Apart from “The Boys of Summer” by The Araris being stuck in my head, that’s about it. Not much is really going on. I have totally rediscovered my love for Anime and Manga with the movie “Akira”. This also means that I now have something to sketch apart from Megatokyo.