Can’t Stop Smiling

Holy crap! I am so lost for words it’s not funny. I was just surfing around Wil Wheaton’s Weblog, like I always do, and catching up for the past few days. I’ve been busy with Uni that I’ve missed a few entries, so I scrolled down to the last entry I remember reading and start reading up. I got to the last entry and I begin feeling tired and decide I might just read it some other time.

The force took hold and spoke in a soft whisper, ‘keep reading, young Mitch.’

I love it when the force talks to me, so who am I to argue? I begin the article and I feel a flush of excitement. Wow, Wil’s book has been printed again and it just makes Just A Geek that little bit closer! I can’t wait to get my hands on his second book, I know it will rock already. I read, skipping through paragraphs until I saw something that looks familiar.

“Hey, didn’t I write something just that?” I say to myself.

‘Yes, you did,’ replies the force.

“Heh, no way!” I tell the force who is content on arguing with me.

‘Yes, you did, look down the bottom!’

“Hey, it says here that this article was written by some guy named Mitch Malone, don’t I know him?” I say, obviously stunned out of my whits.

‘Yes, you do, quite well in fact.’

I sit. I stare. I read 4 more times before I come even CLOSE to believing it. I hit refresh and scroll back down. I rub my eyes, I wash my face and it just doesn’t budge.

“It’s still there,” I say to the force.

‘Yes it is, dumb dumb,’ replies a now sarcastic force. ‘Now be happy about this, that’s an order!’

I am so excited that some of my writing was reproduced on Wil Wheaton’s Weblog. I am honestly more excited about this than I was the first time I… Never mind. I’m excited okay, that’s all that matters! Well, part of me is excited and part of me can’t help but dump on it and say, “big deal!

Lately I have been feeling a drain on my weblog. I enjoy writing in it, but it just feels hopeless lately. While I really only write it for myself, it would be nice to occasionally get a comment from someone who isn’t a friend or family telling me that they enjoy my writing. I just feel like it’s a waste of time and I should be putting more effort into other parts of my life.

Having my name appear on Wil’s weblog is huge for me. It was Wil Wheaton dot Net that first inspired me to open my own weblog and start writing. Right now, I do not consider myself to be a ‘writer,’ but someday I would like to be able to say that I am – and it’s Wil’s writing that has inspired me to write in the first place. I guess I just sound like a stupid fan, but I really can’t describe the high that I am on after reading his weblog. It feels good.

Note: I just realise that the link back to my weblog was wrong. Kinda feels like a kick in the guts, but still happy.