The David Lawrence Show

I just logged onto and started listening to some (well, I have to be honest) pretty uninteresting guy called Gabriel Wisdom (5pm – 6pm PST). He speaks rather slowly and monotone and I can hardly concentrate to actually find out what he is talking about. You’re probably wondering why I am listening an American radio station, especially one who calls itself “The Money Station,” but it’s because Wil Wheaton is going to be doing a talk show in about an hour. His talk back is going to be about, “acting, screaming Japanese girls, writing, screaming German girls, blogging, wedded bliss, belligerent Klingon fans, improv at ACME, Star Trek, open source and more”. Sounds fun! Should be a good listen.

Well, the show is starting, I’ll be back in an hour when it’s all done. Miss me!

Alright, I’m back. Didn’t seem like an hour did it? lol

Wil spoke about the Creative Commons licensing system and wow, he just made a really good point. He said that the best part about this licensing system is that artists can get together, share work, inspire each other, but still be protected. Noting makes me angrier than people who want to sue every person who quotes them in the wrong way. Personally I think so many people and corporations take licensing way too seriously. I am a hacker at heart, so I am of the strong belief that all information should be free and available to all.

Unfortunately my question didn’t get answered that I sent in via AOL, but I didn’t expect it to. It wasn’t exactly an interesting question, plus I imagine they probably received hundreds of messages and I sent mine late into the show. With any luck Wil still got to read it, because it had a comment in there about how grateful I am that my site got a mention in to O’Reilly press release for Dancing Barefoot (yes, I am gonna stop mentioning that from now on).

Well, Wil also read from his book, which was fantastic. One of the worst parts of living in Australia is that I can’t get to any conventions to see things like that live, so it was a very good replacement.

Well I missed out on the last hour, because I had to fix the car. I think I might grab a bitpass (anyone who listened will find that funny) and download it, because it was pretty cool and quite funny.