Okay, well I have just had an epiphany and it goes like this. The real beauty behind web comics is they way they are released, right? You get a small installment every day (or two or three) and it becomes very easy to read. Recently I began writing a story, that I honestly think could really become something. The whole thing needs a rework, but after the rework it should be quite good. I think what I might do, is release it on a weblog as I write it. I’ll just write a bit on Monday / Wednesday / Friday rotation and release it very similar to the web comic Megatokyo.

It won’t have illustrations, it will just be a piece-by-piece novel. At the end of it, I will probably rework it again and either self-publish it, publish it over CafĂ© Press or (and I highly doubt it) some company might want to publish it.

If anyone thinks that they could be possibly bored enough to read it, please let me know. If I get no interest it might never start, but if there is some interest it might become a worthwhile adventure.