You brighten my life like a polystyrene hat

I was speaking to my friend Jason this morning and he informed me that he opened an account at Deviant Art. Deviant Art, for those who may not know, is an art community where any old Jo(e) can share their artwork with other like minded people. Well I thought to myself, “I’ve been wanting a place to show off my picture of the heavens for a long time now, this is my chance”. So I signed up.

I’d love it if you guys checked my stuff out, even though right now I only have a very small amount of stuff on my account. I am tossing up whether to submit my megatokyo art, but the picture of the sky I took is definitely worth a look. Go on and sign up and leave a few comments. Don’t forget to look around, find yourself a wallpaper and leave some comments for some other artists.

She sat with wet salty cheeks as he caressed her hair gently. It felt like the end of the world and that nothing would repair the destruction. Her blond hair caught the light and shimmered in the corner of his eye. He could feel her sadness coming from her skin as he brushed her face gently. She sobbed gently for hours as he held her in his arms. How can it be so, could they honestly cancel 2 Guys and a Girl reruns? Oh, the drama.