I just went to my University website and downloaded assignment specifications for my first Internet Security unit. I began reading and noticed a certain part that said “4 to 5 pages.” This confused me at first, until I realized that I was being asked to write an essay. Wooooo hoooooo! I have written 1 essay since I left high school and it was only 500 words, which was mildly boring. This essay is going to be something that I can really sink my teeth into and really show off my writing skills a little.

Here is the question:
“Write an essay on a recent computer security threat that has been reported in the media and/or in Computer Science literature.”

How cool is that question, huh? It rawks! Hard! m/

I am going to do some looking around Slashdot and stuff to try and find an attack that is particularly good. If any knows of a good one that has a lot of information available, give me a link. That would be cool! 🙂