Hangover from hell!

I am so hungover right now. Last night I was invited to a mates 21st and I think I had one too many shandys. Either that or I woke up with someone else’s head, because this one is seriously hurting.

I hardly know the guys who were throwing the party, but it didn’t matter. They were just heaps easy going and were glad to say hey to me, which was good. Since leaving College and moving back home to study I haven’t really had many friends around town, so it was cool that they bothered with me last night. Although, somehow I wish they hadn’t now, my head is so sore.

A few of the guys there play in a local band called Lik-Wid who are pretty cool. Zoo FM plays some of their songs and I honestly don’t mind their sound at all.

Last night at the party, one of the guys invited me to come to his place and learn how to use his decks and learn some DJ’ing stuff. Ryan, who offered to teach me, is a real legend and he is heaps good for a laugh. With any luck, Dean and I will be going to his place this week and getting some lessons.

So worried.

I wrote this weblog entry on Monday and I have been tossing up whether to post it or not. Not to mention I needed to speak to mum about it and make sure she was okay with it. I have decided to post it and I have dated it back to Monday.

Holy fucking shit. I know I don’t swear often in my weblog, but today it is warranted. I woke up this morning and I found out that mum had an accident at work. She was cleaning out a bin and there was a needle sticking through the rubbish bag and it stuck into her. I am so terrified for her, because they have no clue of the origins of the needle.

They ran blood tests and she should get her results in about 10 days, but some results (like HIV) will take up to 6 months to get back to her. She is so worried and although she is trying to be strong I can see what an effect it is having on her.

The hospital told her there is about a 99% chance that she won’t catch anything and the needle probably isn’t infected with anything, but you can’t help but worry. 1% is a huge chance in the scheme of things and I think I would be a lot more worried than mum is.

My family has been so lucky with our health. No one in my immediate family has gotten majorly sick ever and I guess I have kind of taken that for granted. The thought of my mum being seriously ill, makes me sick to my stomach. In fact, whenever I walk down stairs and see the Hepatitis C pamphlet that the hospital gave her just in case, it makes my stomach turn with worry.

Hang in there mum, we’re here for ya! 🙂

The Laptop

I’ve been meaning to write this entry for a few days now, since I picked up my laptop. It is such an unreal laptop, far better than any other I’ve seen before. It’s not the top model, but it’s the best one I’ve ever laid my filthy hands on.

So I took it home, put it on the couch, but before unwrapping it too fast I realized that it was a damned sexy looking box. That is a good sign right? I mean, if the box is impressive, the contents must be cool! So I grabbed my camera and too a photo. Check it out.

The Box

Next I threw open the top flap and that “new car smell” came flowing out at me. I know it’s not a car, but the smell is the same. It smelled nice and it smelled new and I knew it was mine. I have been waiting for the for 6 months now, ever since I got ripped off on ebay trying to get my laptop.

Ahh The Smell

After this I was gonna take a few more shots, but then I lost my patience. I think that unwrapping it from here on took only a few minutes. I pulled it from the box and snapped one last shot before I booted it up. Man it looked cool. It is a cool bluey purple type color and it is just soooo sexy! …and shiny!

I threw back the display hinge and sat it for one last pic just before pressing the power button. It has the clearest display I have ever seen on a laptop and hopefully if I can stop myself from sneezing on this monitor, it might stay looking good.

Ahhhh, at last!

The laptop is great and I’ve owned it for a few days. Neverwinter Nights plays heaps well on it. It is honestly a terrific computer. I am stoked that I finally got it.

Trekkin’ Goodness!

Today I went out to Eathan’s place in Guerie, a small town of about 500 people that is 20 minutes from where I live. He had recently decided to get rid of some of his Star Trek Novels and his Star Trek Fact Files, and offered for me to take them off his hands. And who am I to say no to one of my oldest and best friends? I am only too happy to become their custodian.

It was awesome being there, but odd also. I haven’t been in that house or that town, for any amount of time since I was a kid. Everything there seemed smaller and somehow I felt bigger. We walked around our old haunts and places I remember from my childhood and it all seemed quite the same. Geurie, it would seem, is very slow to change. The two car yards were closed down and so was the old antique store, but most of it seemed very familiar. In fact, the shop was still being run by the same family who used to let me sit on the counter and give me lollies as a child, even if they didn’t remember me.

Eathan’s sister, Tahnee, got home from school and things just felt more different than before. I think she was the biggest change, because I have barely seen her at all since we were both heaps young. She used to be a tiny, skinny, young girl, but now she has grown into quite a young lady. I remember her being very quiet around me when we were both younger, but boy has that changed. She was a lot louder, full of laughs and talking about BOYS! Goodness, last I remember if I said to her “so who is your boyfriend?” she probably would have cried, but now she just throws a smart comment straight back at me (and probably shuts me down too).

I guess I’d really like to thank Eathan for the terrific gift he gave me today. There are good gifts, there are great gifts and then there are gifts that really come from the heart. Todays gift was the latter of the three, and it means a lot to me that he has given me something that meant so much to him for so long. Thanks mate! 🙂

Olympic Year

Yesterday was the 29th of February, which really means two things. One, is that the dumbest month just got a little less dumb and almost half way normal, i.e. it’s a leap year. Number two, a leap year also means that it is an Olympic year, which kicks ass. The only bad thing about an Olympic year is that I really need to concentrate so that I don’t fail Uni, because Olympics really get me excited.

Today being the 1st of March also means one dreaded thing, Uni starts today. I’ve just logged onto the UNE website and had a quick read over all my units and I can say that this semester will be challenging. I am just gonna keep my head down and work hard, I really want some good marks this semester, so I am gonna make it happen.