“So Far” by Lik-Wid

Alright, so I told Liam about a month ago that I really wanted to write a piece on the band, Lik-Wid, be it a review or some writing for their website. He still hasn’t sent me out the demo that he promised, but they have just put a full song on their website and I am currently downloading it. I joined their forums, made a few posts and told them I’d listen in the morning. I decided to grab my headphones and have a listen now, because my University work is just giving me the worst headache.

As I wait for the song to download I will tell you a little about the band. They are from where I am from, Dubbo, and they are a top bunch of guys. We’ve only known each other for a little while, but we’ve done a bit of drinking and a bit of lanning together, which is always a good start to a good friendship with a bunch of equally good blokes.

Alright, the song has downloaded and it’s starting out with a really nice casual riff. I love it when songs start with a soft riff and then hit into the full tune afterwards, it really shows the energy of the song.

Listening. Alright, the song is done.

F**k me, I really like this tune and I keep finding myself bouncing to the beat. It has a very cool main riff and it’s backed up with some killer vocals. To be honest I never really liked the sound of Lik-Wid’s vocals on the first listen, but the more I hear them play the more I realize Liam’s talent! I hope this doesn’t offend him, but I say it more because he does have tons of talent and that it was my ignorance that didn’t let me see it earlier.

Go to their website at http://www.lik-wid.net/ and download the song! Put simply; it owns! It’s a good build of chunky riffs and tight little guitar solo work, not to mention a solid drum backing. I’ve had the song on repeat for about 16 loops and I still can’t get enough of it. Very cool tune!

To the band: Fellas, if you are reading this, good work on the track. I think the CD will come together and I definitely think the band has the guts to make the hard yards and do what needs to be done. Oh, and tell John I am coming for his sexy ass! 😉

Writing Break

2 Projects + 1 Assignment + Only 7 days = Stress!!!

Well, I booted around all holidays saying to myself, hell, you’ve got loads of time to do your assignments, when honestly, I don’t. I now have 7 days to complete 2 projects (which are super-huge assignments) and an assignment (which is a mathematics assignment – the subject that I am having so much trouble with). I just bought some Coke and some Pizza to keep my going for the next week and I’ve sat down to put in some serious work.

Right now I have two parts of my brain fighting against each other. Let’s call these two parts of my subconscious “Serious Mitch” and “Foolish Mitch”.

Serious Mitch: Alright, we have Coke, Pizza, Textbook and laptop, let’s go!
Foolish Mitch: You sure you don’t wanna read one more chapter of that book?
Serious Mitch: I am positive, let’s rock ‘n roll baby!
Foolish Mitch: You’re really, really sure you don’t want to watch some more Red Dwarf?
Serious Mitch: Well… No! I am gonna get some work done.
Foolish Mitch: Well, better write a quick weblog then.
Serious Mitch: Okay. Ack! Damn it! I’ve been fooled by Foolish Mitch!
Foolish Mitch: Muwahahahaha, rock!!! m/

And here I am. I will kill Foolish Mitch soon enough with copious amounts of alcohol and then I won’t have to worry about such sloth and procrastination. Alright, now I am on “Writing Break,” and I won’t be writing anymore. I might, however, try and do an audio blog over the next few days to say how things are going, but nothing is certain.

Space and Drunk People

Well, we just got back from the Dubbo Observatory and it was really, really cool and I totally enjoyed it. We got to see a binary cluster (Alpha Centauri), a globular cluster (Omega Centauri), Saturn, Jupiter and a Jewel Box. All those picture links are pretty close to what it really looked like for me. A totally geeky experience, but it really rocked.

I think I am going to contact the owner and try and get a job there, it would totally rock to spend every night looking at the stars in that way and really learning about space. I love the idea of space, because to me it represents the future and all that we have to accomplish. I am going to find the owners phone number or something and get in contact with him. As an afterthought, maybe I could offer to do a free website for him if he hires me, because that pink and blue bad boy is pretty damned lame. Hahaha.


I hear singing…

Not good singing, but sad, sad, Shannon Noll-like, crappy, awful singing…

I keep thinking to myself, ‘a gun would be so much kinder than strangling that cat.’

It’s pathetic, like a sad old man who jerks off while wearing a ‘wife beater’ singlet and eating cereal kind of pathetic…

My neighbors are throwing some sort of party. I think it might be a work party, because they have given about a million speeches as the night has gone on. The worst part is that they don’t limit themselves to one drunk person singing at a time, but more like 7 or 8 at a time all competing to be heard and screaming their lungs out – it’s pathetic.

And the night hits an all time low.

Drunk doofus: “Let me hear a ‘yeah’!”
Crowd of girls, clearly hungry for his sweet, sweet action: “Yeee-eeeahhhh!!!”
Drunk doofus: “Let me hear a ‘yeah’!”
Crowd of girls: “Yeee-eeeahhhh!!!”
Drunk doofus: “Let me see your mooners!”

Then I think they may have either smiled or flashed him, perhaps it would help if I was drunk and/or knew what ‘mooners’ were. Back to Red Dwarf, I bid you adooo (or whatever that stupid French word is).

The tail is up! I repeat; the tail is up!

Well this afternoon I walked down stairs on one of the few breaks I was taking from my assignment. I had a headache, I was sick of writing and I was tired. I walked down the steps and stopped when I realized that Shadow was looking at me. I looked at him and he raised an eyebrow.

*barks his brains out*

‘Stupid dog, what’s he doing’

*raises other eyebrow and howls at me*

‘Crazy little mo fo, look at him go’

*jumps on the screen door and nearly busts it through*

Before I knew it we were engaged in an awesome game of fetch. It was great and he was as hyperactive as hell, but it took my mind off the piles of homework that I had waiting for me in the bedroom. Just a short while ago I went out the back and took a picture of him and made a video of him going crazy. Hope you like them. 🙂

    See my doggy talk!

w00t lannage!

w00t, LANnage! I went to a lan with the w00t boys the other day and it completely rawked! m/ We played Counterstrike and Battlefield 1942 until 6am and rocked the house we were in. I am thinking about working on some sort of a clan avatar, but I have no ideas at the moment, hopefully something will come to me.

With any luck I will be able to host a LAN at my place in the next few weeks, which should be a good bit of fun. Not to mention the fact that I have unlimited broadband here could make it interesting too.

I gotta go for just a little bit and rebuild my drawers that are falling apart. Alright, I am back. The drawers are fixed, I’ve had dinner, watched a little television and went for a night walk, but now I am back.

I just got back from a night walk. Probably not the safest thing, but I needed some fresh air, because I wasn’t feeling that great. I also had the chance to do a lot of thinking about University and where I want to be in the coming years. It made me realize that I have set really big goals for myself and if I am to reach them, I am going to have to work very hard. There are certain things in life that I want and certain things I want to achieve and none of them will come easily.

Well it’s now 1am and I think I am going to go watch some television. I am really not in the mood to concentrate on anything. I have chosen MyDoom to do my virus essay on and I’ve given that a start. I will finish that essay tomorrow and the next day. I should be able to bash out 7 pages like no ones business.


Well today I was driving home and saw an awesome sunset. It was honestly the most red I have ever seen a sky so I quickly grabbed my camera and headed to see if I could find a good place to photograph it. Unfortunately I missed the sunset by a few minutes, but the sky was pretty cool none the less. I took two shots called “Sunset in the Outback” and “A sky of pinks and purples” and I am pretty happy with them both.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get the sunset again and be prepared for it. Taking photos of the sky has become somewhat of a reoccurring theme. I somewhat wish I had of registered ~kaneda as my username, because I have grown accustomed to using my “Kaneda” watermark in my photos.

There was a really interesting book for $20 today that I want to get, it is a book on web design and while I consider myself somewhat of a good designer, I think we all need help here and there when it comes to inspiration. I might be designing a portfolio to showcase my work soon so stay tuned for that.

Sunset in the Outback

A sky of pinks and purples...


I haven’t posted in a week and I can’t think of anything in the last 7 days that warrants a mention. I am broke and bored and I have way too much University work on my hands to even think. I’ll be glad when I finish my degree and I can start earning money and stop living week to week on a $20 note. It’s become somewhat of a joke and I am so sick and tired of being the “poor university student”. I don’t even want a thousand dollars, just enough to be able to have a beer with mates without having to save up for it.

I’ve been buzzing around on my BMX a lot lately. Picture it, a 21 year old guy on a BMX, pathetic huh? Oh well, it saves me fuel money and hopefully will help me shed a few pounds. I actually bought the bike to take back to college with me because it would have been good exercise and it barely gets used anymore. Even though I have been using it a fair bit these last few days, I still might sell it and hopefully end this dry-streak of cash flow.

Star Trek Voyager Season 1 comes out early next month so I really need to try and get some $$$ together for that. I am really psyched for it because I have only seen a few episodes of Voyager. I was looking through my Star Trek collections today and took an estimated guess of their overall value. I honestly think there would be no less than about $3000-4000 worth of items, including; DVD’s, books, fact files, posters, shirts, collectors cards, memorabilia, and all the other things I can’t think of right now. It occurred to me that it is becoming more of an obsession than a hobby and the scary part is that it doesn’t even bother me.

Well I am off to find some sort of script so that I can catalog all my books into some sort of a library on my website. Something similar to my media database, but for books, duh. Should be fun, look out for it soon. And hopefully I am going to try and do one interesting thing each day to write about for the next week.

Four Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!1111one

Well, the anniversary of Christs death is in just 2 days and I would like to say that it wasn’t in vain. Let’s face it, he did the right thing and we are reaping the benefits. What are these said benefits I hear you ask; the four day weekend of course! </blasphemy>

Growing up (when I actually had money and friends) I loved the idea of a four day weekend. Camping trips, concerts, parties and drunkenness, just to name a few. These days I am too old and too broke to do these things, so I reward myself with a few beers, some video games and a chance to do some writing. That’s right, I am officially giving myself the weekend off, unfortunately I have to begin some huge projects for University as soon as the weekend is over, which makes it a little hard to properly enjoy myself.

I have grabbed my photo printer from underneath my textbooks and begun a really cool project. My desktop is stained with coffee, coke and patchy from where I have had my laptop sitting which has created heat. So I am going to print up some cool wallpaper images at 6″ x 4″ and cover my desktop with them, then lacquer it. It should look awesome when I am done and make for an interesting photo. Right now I can only print a few images here and there, because the ink and photo paper costs a packet, but when I get enough photos I am going to take an afternoon to make my desk into something pretty darn special.

Richie Cunningham was a cool guy don’t you think? Not as cool as The Fonz, but pretty cool. He had those “you wanna think they’re girly, but they’re not girly” arms. I reckon he could mess someone up if he was really angry and the other person was passed out. Seriously. Think about it. And stuff.

Geek Rant: Spamming Part 2: Return of the Viagra

I just logged into Mailblocks to check my email and saw this:

Spam Count

This is a counter for the number of spam messages they have blocked since I opened my account. As we all know, my love of spam is well documented but these days it is just beyond a joke. Not only have I stopped being a tight-fisted jew for long enough to pay for spam protection, but it has taken a whole new level. Harvesting of emails is so sever now that there are thousands of businesses popping up all over the internet offering to filter peoples junk mail for them.

I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that the people who do this spamming can morally justify it. They say to themselves “it’s just spam” and dismiss it because they are getting paid 0.1 of a cent for email email address they locate and sell. These people are parasites and if they think they aren’t, they can think again. They give hackers a bad name.

When I was 14 years old, hacking was a good pass time, learning the ins and outs of computer security. These days I would be ashamed to brand myself as a hacker, because so many of the frauds who call themselves “hackers” are nothing more than mere password stealers, spammers, thieves, virus authors, vandals and otherwise malicious beings. Put simply; they give hackers a bad name

I think that The Mentor (a real hacker) said it best:
Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.

That’s right, curiosity, not a crime of destruction which is what these fools employ.

As an end note, if anyone is interested in eradicating spam from their inbox(s) sign up at Mailblocks. They have a free account option along with some very affordable paid accounts. I highly recommend them, because since signing up about 3 weeks ago they have already blocked 102 spam emails and have completely freed me of having to worry about such hassles as spam filters.