Four Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!1111one

Well, the anniversary of Christs death is in just 2 days and I would like to say that it wasn’t in vain. Let’s face it, he did the right thing and we are reaping the benefits. What are these said benefits I hear you ask; the four day weekend of course! </blasphemy>

Growing up (when I actually had money and friends) I loved the idea of a four day weekend. Camping trips, concerts, parties and drunkenness, just to name a few. These days I am too old and too broke to do these things, so I reward myself with a few beers, some video games and a chance to do some writing. That’s right, I am officially giving myself the weekend off, unfortunately I have to begin some huge projects for University as soon as the weekend is over, which makes it a little hard to properly enjoy myself.

I have grabbed my photo printer from underneath my textbooks and begun a really cool project. My desktop is stained with coffee, coke and patchy from where I have had my laptop sitting which has created heat. So I am going to print up some cool wallpaper images at 6″ x 4″ and cover my desktop with them, then lacquer it. It should look awesome when I am done and make for an interesting photo. Right now I can only print a few images here and there, because the ink and photo paper costs a packet, but when I get enough photos I am going to take an afternoon to make my desk into something pretty darn special.

Richie Cunningham was a cool guy don’t you think? Not as cool as The Fonz, but pretty cool. He had those “you wanna think they’re girly, but they’re not girly” arms. I reckon he could mess someone up if he was really angry and the other person was passed out. Seriously. Think about it. And stuff.