I haven’t posted in a week and I can’t think of anything in the last 7 days that warrants a mention. I am broke and bored and I have way too much University work on my hands to even think. I’ll be glad when I finish my degree and I can start earning money and stop living week to week on a $20 note. It’s become somewhat of a joke and I am so sick and tired of being the “poor university student”. I don’t even want a thousand dollars, just enough to be able to have a beer with mates without having to save up for it.

I’ve been buzzing around on my BMX a lot lately. Picture it, a 21 year old guy on a BMX, pathetic huh? Oh well, it saves me fuel money and hopefully will help me shed a few pounds. I actually bought the bike to take back to college with me because it would have been good exercise and it barely gets used anymore. Even though I have been using it a fair bit these last few days, I still might sell it and hopefully end this dry-streak of cash flow.

Star Trek Voyager Season 1 comes out early next month so I really need to try and get some $$$ together for that. I am really psyched for it because I have only seen a few episodes of Voyager. I was looking through my Star Trek collections today and took an estimated guess of their overall value. I honestly think there would be no less than about $3000-4000 worth of items, including; DVD’s, books, fact files, posters, shirts, collectors cards, memorabilia, and all the other things I can’t think of right now. It occurred to me that it is becoming more of an obsession than a hobby and the scary part is that it doesn’t even bother me.

Well I am off to find some sort of script so that I can catalog all my books into some sort of a library on my website. Something similar to my media database, but for books, duh. Should be fun, look out for it soon. And hopefully I am going to try and do one interesting thing each day to write about for the next week.