w00t lannage!

w00t, LANnage! I went to a lan with the w00t boys the other day and it completely rawked! m/ We played Counterstrike and Battlefield 1942 until 6am and rocked the house we were in. I am thinking about working on some sort of a clan avatar, but I have no ideas at the moment, hopefully something will come to me.

With any luck I will be able to host a LAN at my place in the next few weeks, which should be a good bit of fun. Not to mention the fact that I have unlimited broadband here could make it interesting too.

I gotta go for just a little bit and rebuild my drawers that are falling apart. Alright, I am back. The drawers are fixed, I’ve had dinner, watched a little television and went for a night walk, but now I am back.

I just got back from a night walk. Probably not the safest thing, but I needed some fresh air, because I wasn’t feeling that great. I also had the chance to do a lot of thinking about University and where I want to be in the coming years. It made me realize that I have set really big goals for myself and if I am to reach them, I am going to have to work very hard. There are certain things in life that I want and certain things I want to achieve and none of them will come easily.

Well it’s now 1am and I think I am going to go watch some television. I am really not in the mood to concentrate on anything. I have chosen MyDoom to do my virus essay on and I’ve given that a start. I will finish that essay tomorrow and the next day. I should be able to bash out 7 pages like no ones business.