Space and Drunk People

Well, we just got back from the Dubbo Observatory and it was really, really cool and I totally enjoyed it. We got to see a binary cluster (Alpha Centauri), a globular cluster (Omega Centauri), Saturn, Jupiter and a Jewel Box. All those picture links are pretty close to what it really looked like for me. A totally geeky experience, but it really rocked.

I think I am going to contact the owner and try and get a job there, it would totally rock to spend every night looking at the stars in that way and really learning about space. I love the idea of space, because to me it represents the future and all that we have to accomplish. I am going to find the owners phone number or something and get in contact with him. As an afterthought, maybe I could offer to do a free website for him if he hires me, because that pink and blue bad boy is pretty damned lame. Hahaha.


I hear singing…

Not good singing, but sad, sad, Shannon Noll-like, crappy, awful singing…

I keep thinking to myself, ‘a gun would be so much kinder than strangling that cat.’

It’s pathetic, like a sad old man who jerks off while wearing a ‘wife beater’ singlet and eating cereal kind of pathetic…

My neighbors are throwing some sort of party. I think it might be a work party, because they have given about a million speeches as the night has gone on. The worst part is that they don’t limit themselves to one drunk person singing at a time, but more like 7 or 8 at a time all competing to be heard and screaming their lungs out – it’s pathetic.

And the night hits an all time low.

Drunk doofus: “Let me hear a ‘yeah’!”
Crowd of girls, clearly hungry for his sweet, sweet action: “Yeee-eeeahhhh!!!”
Drunk doofus: “Let me hear a ‘yeah’!”
Crowd of girls: “Yeee-eeeahhhh!!!”
Drunk doofus: “Let me see your mooners!”

Then I think they may have either smiled or flashed him, perhaps it would help if I was drunk and/or knew what ‘mooners’ were. Back to Red Dwarf, I bid you adooo (or whatever that stupid French word is).