Writing Break

2 Projects + 1 Assignment + Only 7 days = Stress!!!

Well, I booted around all holidays saying to myself, hell, you’ve got loads of time to do your assignments, when honestly, I don’t. I now have 7 days to complete 2 projects (which are super-huge assignments) and an assignment (which is a mathematics assignment – the subject that I am having so much trouble with). I just bought some Coke and some Pizza to keep my going for the next week and I’ve sat down to put in some serious work.

Right now I have two parts of my brain fighting against each other. Let’s call these two parts of my subconscious “Serious Mitch” and “Foolish Mitch”.

Serious Mitch: Alright, we have Coke, Pizza, Textbook and laptop, let’s go!
Foolish Mitch: You sure you don’t wanna read one more chapter of that book?
Serious Mitch: I am positive, let’s rock ‘n roll baby!
Foolish Mitch: You’re really, really sure you don’t want to watch some more Red Dwarf?
Serious Mitch: Well… No! I am gonna get some work done.
Foolish Mitch: Well, better write a quick weblog then.
Serious Mitch: Okay. Ack! Damn it! I’ve been fooled by Foolish Mitch!
Foolish Mitch: Muwahahahaha, rock!!! m/

And here I am. I will kill Foolish Mitch soon enough with copious amounts of alcohol and then I won’t have to worry about such sloth and procrastination. Alright, now I am on “Writing Break,” and I won’t be writing anymore. I might, however, try and do an audio blog over the next few days to say how things are going, but nothing is certain.