“So Far” by Lik-Wid

Alright, so I told Liam about a month ago that I really wanted to write a piece on the band, Lik-Wid, be it a review or some writing for their website. He still hasn’t sent me out the demo that he promised, but they have just put a full song on their website and I am currently downloading it. I joined their forums, made a few posts and told them I’d listen in the morning. I decided to grab my headphones and have a listen now, because my University work is just giving me the worst headache.

As I wait for the song to download I will tell you a little about the band. They are from where I am from, Dubbo, and they are a top bunch of guys. We’ve only known each other for a little while, but we’ve done a bit of drinking and a bit of lanning together, which is always a good start to a good friendship with a bunch of equally good blokes.

Alright, the song has downloaded and it’s starting out with a really nice casual riff. I love it when songs start with a soft riff and then hit into the full tune afterwards, it really shows the energy of the song.

Listening. Alright, the song is done.

F**k me, I really like this tune and I keep finding myself bouncing to the beat. It has a very cool main riff and it’s backed up with some killer vocals. To be honest I never really liked the sound of Lik-Wid’s vocals on the first listen, but the more I hear them play the more I realize Liam’s talent! I hope this doesn’t offend him, but I say it more because he does have tons of talent and that it was my ignorance that didn’t let me see it earlier.

Go to their website at http://www.lik-wid.net/ and download the song! Put simply; it owns! It’s a good build of chunky riffs and tight little guitar solo work, not to mention a solid drum backing. I’ve had the song on repeat for about 16 loops and I still can’t get enough of it. Very cool tune!

To the band: Fellas, if you are reading this, good work on the track. I think the CD will come together and I definitely think the band has the guts to make the hard yards and do what needs to be done. Oh, and tell John I am coming for his sexy ass! 😉