Absolutely I Guess

I just finished a few games of poker with my little brother and his girlfriend. We grabbed some loose change and a deck of cards and played a few hands of 7-Card Stud and some Texas Hold ‘Em. It was quite fun, however I tried to bluff when my brother was holding a pair of Jacks and there were two Jacks on the table and it cost me most of my coins. I did, however, recover when we changed games and started to play 7-Card Stud. A good hand and a really good bluff made sure of that.

I currently have limited resources on card games so I can’t be certain that we were playing 100% correctly, but I am pretty sure that we were. We had fun anyway. I think I might try and order a better book that is just on poker and it’s different variants from Amazon, so if anyone knows of a good book, please let me know in the comments.

University and studying have both left me really drained lately and I haven’t been able to do anything artistic in a while. My deviantART album is at a standstill and my sketch album gets thinner and thinner with every page I pull out and crumple. I’ll be glad when I finish my degree and I can more easily separate work from pleasure. Right now it is hard to sit down at my desk and relax because it is where I work.

On a more personal note; I am on somewhat of a health kick at the moment and it feels great. I have been eating a lot of fruit and not eating anything too fattening and I feel really good for it. Being a bit of a tubby bastard has always been fine, but now I just want to get in shape and be a little healthier. I set up the gym a while back and I am hopefully going to do a little bit of weights and start jogging with the dog.

Jebediah In Dubbo

My eyes are red and sore, my throat hurts from talking so loud and I feel slightly deaf; yep, I have definitely just come back from a concert. It has been 4 years since I last saw Jebediah play at the Sydney Big Day Out and I didn’t really know what to expect. Being a lot smaller show I have expected 8 songs, a 1 song intro from the most boring set of dead asses I have ever seen. Instead; it was a full on rock-a-rama and they gave a full show which was every bit comparable to when I last saw them.

While Jebediah did put on an awesome show, they were strongly let down by the venue. The acoustics were average at best and the whole thing just sounded like it was turned up too loud. This coupled with the fact that the promoters were coca-cola (who’s target audience is 18’s and under) and the entire venue was filled with teenagers hellbent on making me feel old. Apart from those two factors, it was a good night.

Haven’t been up to much lately. University work is consuming my time once again, along with my erratic sleep patterns. I’ve got back *some* of my marks from my last 3 assignments and it wasn’t all good news. I did get High Distinctions for both of my Computer classes, however I failed my maths assignment by half a mark. I realize that I probably caught that mark up on the second assignment, but it’s still a bit of a disappointment.

I bought 2 books today in the hopes of learning some more of the rules of Poker, and in particular, Hold ‘Em and 7 Card Stud rules. I thought this would make for a terrific get-together by inviting some guys around for a few games. Next idea is to buy some clay and hopefully make some chips and throw a good poker night. Right now I don’t know the rules well enough to do so, because I would expect that everyone who showed up wouldn’t know the rules, so it would be necessary for me to teach newcomers.