Compliance? Me?

Well, it took a little forum chasing to work out my ampersand issue, but I have finally got this site 100% Transitional XHTML 1.0 valid and CSS Valid! Hence the reason I have put those two new spiffy icons over on the right there, aren’t they nice? I’ve always wanted to be able to put them on my website.

Basically this means that I have coded the website to be completely interoperable and should work in all browsers without giving any crazy errors. This also includes the javascript apart from the “onClick” on a few pages. Not bad, especially considering that it took me about an hour to take this site and two others from spitting out over 100 little errors each down to a finely oiled machine.

Challenge to other webmasters reading this site: Is your website compliant with the coding rules you are using? It doesn’t have to be XHTML compliant, but what about HTML 4.01? What about your CSS? Be sure to comment guys.

Emoticon Test

I’ve just added a fancy little emoticon function to the weblog. Mostly for commenters, as I don’t use the often, but they are pretty cool. These are all the icons that are available.

Click Here for the full list.

:assimilated: :bigeek: :biggrin: :bigrazz: :confused: 😎 😥 :dead: 😮 :embarrassed: :laugh: 😡 :ninjaeat: :no: :none: :peace: :pie: 😛 🙄 :rolleyes: 🙁 :shy: :sigh: :sleep: 🙂 :smilewinkgrin: :stormtrooper: :uhoh: :upset: 😉 :yakuza: :yes: :yoda:

Why I hate this stupid website!

I hate this weblog.. Not for the reason that I hate other peoples websites, but I hate mine because it just falls into the category of a “weblog” and not a weblog. When I started my first weblog, The never-ending watermelon, I was about 14 years old and I wrote about school, absolutely boring crap about how much I hated my teachers and how mean my parents were, but I used to get anywhere between 500 and 1000 hits a week. It was called an “online journal” but in essence it pretty much equaled out to todays standard of a weblog. It was coded manually (things like Movabletype didn’t exist at the time) and it would get updated every single day with some of the most boring crap.

I am making no sense so far, but wait, my point is coming. Now when people ask about my website and I say “oh, it’s just a journal,” alarm bells go off in their heads and I can picture them thinking something, ‘another loser on the net who thinks his opinions matter.’ I look like an unoriginal uninspired buffoon because weblogs are the new best thing, but I just wished people understood.

On a far brighter note, while I realize that it is pretty late in the game, this morning I decided to help out with the WWdN Leukemia fund raiser and donate $10. It’s not much, but it’s all I can afford as a University student with a limited income, but I know that every little bit helps. If only all the other readers would just donate a dollar or two, they would probably raise a million dollars in no time.

Double You, Double You, Dee Enn

Wil Wheaton has just unleashed the cover to his upcoming book, Just a Geek, on his website. Pretty good looking cover, especially when compared to most Autobiography covers which are filled with glamor shots and people striking a pose.

Just A Geek - Wil Wheaton

Wil is a terrific Author and also a terrific person. He has gained so much fame from his website, WWdN, but he also respects that fame so much and has never sold his fans short. His first book Dancing Barefoot was an absolute smash and my review of his book was listed by O’Reilly on their press release – w00t!

Make sure you buy the book (and his upcoming book when it is released) and make sure you visit his website, because you will not be disappointed.

Page 23 – Sentence 5

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 23.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

The nearest book I have is the user manual for my laptop, but the nearest novel I have is the book I am presently, and very slowly, reading, “Twilight (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Mission Gamma)” by David R. George III.

Page 23, Sentence 5:
“She had returned to DS9 with a strengthened resolve to help her people through these turbulent times – despite the Attainder.”

Idea stolen from Everything Burns

How I use Movabletype

Mena from Movabletype has called for people to tell her how they use Movable Type. I want to help them out and I also want to see them get a successful liscencing system working, so I am only too happy to oblige. After all, 90% of the reason that Microsoft’s software is so pirated is because their liscencing system is so unreasonable and unrealistic.

I, personally, have a bit of a community setup. I have a members section with a few weblogs in it from my friends, my little brother and one of his friends and my girlfriend and one of her friends. The reason I host so many weblogs and so many Authors is because I had leftover webspace/bandwidth each month from my domain and I figured I would put it to good use. My biggest problem is that after telling my friends they could have a “free” weblog, I would feel pretty bad about turning around now and asking for money to help pay for a commercial Movabletype Liscence.

In total I have 13 weblogs, only 3 of which are inactive and I also have 11 users, one is inactive and one is an “Administrator” user so that when I log into my personal account I am only faced with my own weblog and not all of the other users’.

I’m Sick

My throat presently feels like someone has thrown a bucket of sand down it. I feel absolutely rotten, so rotten that I’ve even made myself a honey drink – I hate honey. I am so sick that even after drinking this god awful concoction I just don’t feel any better. It sucks.

I’ve felt a little lousy for two days now, chomping down Vitamin C and Echinacea like they are going out of style. Everyone keeps telling me to use a stronger medication, but I firmly believe in letting your body heal itself and just giving it a little help here and there with natural solutions. One thing I don’t ever want to deal with in later life is a weak immune system. Hell, I am already going to have to put up with being ugly, a bad back and probably baldness, why add to it?

Would you like to know what I hate most about getting sick? (If not, stop reading riiiiiiight, HERE) I hate the fact that it costs like a billion dollars to get better again. It costs if you use medication, but it costs even more if you want to do it the natural way, like me. Vitamins are expensive, lozenges are expensive, Echinacea is expensive, tissues are expensive (well, they are when you are using a box a day), it just sucks – a man could go broke and lose everything he loves just because he got sick!

I’ve made some updates to the site lately and I’ve just been getting everything the way I want it. The Gallery now matches the main site (w00t, I’ve wanted to create a template for that for ages) and I will be updating the Media Database as soon as possible (probably tonight when I can’t sleep). I’ll also be changing the Sketch Gallery to a general art gallery and I will be moving all the stuff from deviantART and mirroring it here.

Crazy Days

I was tidying-up upstairs and I walked downstairs with some rubbish. I tossed it into the bin and began rinsing some dishes as mum walked out the backdoor. Next thing I hear her scream, “Ahhhh, I’ve broken my ankle.”

‘Hahaha,’ I think to myself. ‘She does this all the time when she trips over.’

I turn the corner to look through the back door to see tears flowing from her eyes and her laying on her back. Shadow is standing above her, sniffing her to see what the problem is and she is trying to tell him to go away. He has tripped her a few times before and she has overreacted, but this time I don’t think she is overreacting.

“HEAL!” I bellow at the dog and he comes to me reluctantly. He knows he is in trouble, but has no idea why. “HEAL!!!” I yell again to make sure there is no mistake that I want him to come to me straight away. I tie him up and then with dad’s help we carry her to the car and dad drives away to take her to the hospital.

She didn’t break it, but it was a really bad sprain. She is still in pain and she is getting around on crutches, but it could have been worse.

In much better news, one of my good friends, Daniel, got married on the weekend. I know his girlfriend (or I should now say, Wife) a little, but Daniel and I have been friends for some time now. We played a few RPG’s together back in the day and although we’ve only met once or twice, we are quite good friends who keep in touch via MSN, ICQ, Jabber etc.

Congratulations Daniel and Naomi, may all your dreams together come true and may your vows be truly blessed! You guys rule!

Naomi and Daniel - The Happy Couple!


Well I know my weblog looks pretty boring right now, it’s because I have just upgraded to version 3.0 of MovableType. I am just heading back out the door, but I will try and get it looking back to normal later on tonight or some time through the week. Until then…

Google Referrer

I was just browsing the stats that Urchin spits out for me and noticed that I have received a lot of hits from google lately. I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what people could be searching for that brings them my way?’ And as the old saying doesn’t quite go, ask a stupid question, receive a funny answer.

There were all sorts of various permutations on my different blog titles and keywords inside those titles, which was no big shock. I’d have to say the one that made me laugh the hardest (it bought tears to my eyes to be honest) was this one.

Is that solid gold or what? Obviously someone fired up google and entered the keywords “Humping Photo Gallery” and were delivered to the beautiful picture of Me humping T-Bone humping Rays cleaning cart.

Me humping T-Bone humping Rays cleaning cart

A truly breathtaking shot, but I am sure that this person was looking for something a little more pornographic. Don’t you love it?