Google Referrer

I was just browsing the stats that Urchin spits out for me and noticed that I have received a lot of hits from google lately. I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what people could be searching for that brings them my way?’ And as the old saying doesn’t quite go, ask a stupid question, receive a funny answer.

There were all sorts of various permutations on my different blog titles and keywords inside those titles, which was no big shock. I’d have to say the one that made me laugh the hardest (it bought tears to my eyes to be honest) was this one.

Is that solid gold or what? Obviously someone fired up google and entered the keywords “Humping Photo Gallery” and were delivered to the beautiful picture of Me humping T-Bone humping Rays cleaning cart.

Me humping T-Bone humping Rays cleaning cart

A truly breathtaking shot, but I am sure that this person was looking for something a little more pornographic. Don’t you love it?