Crazy Days

I was tidying-up upstairs and I walked downstairs with some rubbish. I tossed it into the bin and began rinsing some dishes as mum walked out the backdoor. Next thing I hear her scream, “Ahhhh, I’ve broken my ankle.”

‘Hahaha,’ I think to myself. ‘She does this all the time when she trips over.’

I turn the corner to look through the back door to see tears flowing from her eyes and her laying on her back. Shadow is standing above her, sniffing her to see what the problem is and she is trying to tell him to go away. He has tripped her a few times before and she has overreacted, but this time I don’t think she is overreacting.

“HEAL!” I bellow at the dog and he comes to me reluctantly. He knows he is in trouble, but has no idea why. “HEAL!!!” I yell again to make sure there is no mistake that I want him to come to me straight away. I tie him up and then with dad’s help we carry her to the car and dad drives away to take her to the hospital.

She didn’t break it, but it was a really bad sprain. She is still in pain and she is getting around on crutches, but it could have been worse.

In much better news, one of my good friends, Daniel, got married on the weekend. I know his girlfriend (or I should now say, Wife) a little, but Daniel and I have been friends for some time now. We played a few RPG’s together back in the day and although we’ve only met once or twice, we are quite good friends who keep in touch via MSN, ICQ, Jabber etc.

Congratulations Daniel and Naomi, may all your dreams together come true and may your vows be truly blessed! You guys rule!

Naomi and Daniel - The Happy Couple!