I’m Sick

My throat presently feels like someone has thrown a bucket of sand down it. I feel absolutely rotten, so rotten that I’ve even made myself a honey drink – I hate honey. I am so sick that even after drinking this god awful concoction I just don’t feel any better. It sucks.

I’ve felt a little lousy for two days now, chomping down Vitamin C and Echinacea like they are going out of style. Everyone keeps telling me to use a stronger medication, but I firmly believe in letting your body heal itself and just giving it a little help here and there with natural solutions. One thing I don’t ever want to deal with in later life is a weak immune system. Hell, I am already going to have to put up with being ugly, a bad back and probably baldness, why add to it?

Would you like to know what I hate most about getting sick? (If not, stop reading riiiiiiight, HERE) I hate the fact that it costs like a billion dollars to get better again. It costs if you use medication, but it costs even more if you want to do it the natural way, like me. Vitamins are expensive, lozenges are expensive, Echinacea is expensive, tissues are expensive (well, they are when you are using a box a day), it just sucks – a man could go broke and lose everything he loves just because he got sick!

I’ve made some updates to the site lately and I’ve just been getting everything the way I want it. The Gallery now matches the main site (w00t, I’ve wanted to create a template for that for ages) and I will be updating the Media Database as soon as possible (probably tonight when I can’t sleep). I’ll also be changing the Sketch Gallery to a general art gallery and I will be moving all the stuff from deviantART and mirroring it here.