How I use Movabletype

Mena from Movabletype has called for people to tell her how they use Movable Type. I want to help them out and I also want to see them get a successful liscencing system working, so I am only too happy to oblige. After all, 90% of the reason that Microsoft’s software is so pirated is because their liscencing system is so unreasonable and unrealistic.

I, personally, have a bit of a community setup. I have a members section with a few weblogs in it from my friends, my little brother and one of his friends and my girlfriend and one of her friends. The reason I host so many weblogs and so many Authors is because I had leftover webspace/bandwidth each month from my domain and I figured I would put it to good use. My biggest problem is that after telling my friends they could have a “free” weblog, I would feel pretty bad about turning around now and asking for money to help pay for a commercial Movabletype Liscence.

In total I have 13 weblogs, only 3 of which are inactive and I also have 11 users, one is inactive and one is an “Administrator” user so that when I log into my personal account I am only faced with my own weblog and not all of the other users’.