Why I hate this stupid website!

I hate this weblog.. Not for the reason that I hate other peoples websites, but I hate mine because it just falls into the category of a “weblog” and not a weblog. When I started my first weblog, The never-ending watermelon, I was about 14 years old and I wrote about school, absolutely boring crap about how much I hated my teachers and how mean my parents were, but I used to get anywhere between 500 and 1000 hits a week. It was called an “online journal” but in essence it pretty much equaled out to todays standard of a weblog. It was coded manually (things like Movabletype didn’t exist at the time) and it would get updated every single day with some of the most boring crap.

I am making no sense so far, but wait, my point is coming. Now when people ask about my website and I say “oh, it’s just a journal,” alarm bells go off in their heads and I can picture them thinking something, ‘another loser on the net who thinks his opinions matter.’ I look like an unoriginal uninspired buffoon because weblogs are the new best thing, but I just wished people understood.

On a far brighter note, while I realize that it is pretty late in the game, this morning I decided to help out with the WWdN Leukemia fund raiser and donate $10. It’s not much, but it’s all I can afford as a University student with a limited income, but I know that every little bit helps. If only all the other readers would just donate a dollar or two, they would probably raise a million dollars in no time.