Casualties in Iraq

Wow, check it out. I was just browsing my usual websites and came across this interesting little thing:

The current War on Iraq scares me so much. Not just because of the horrors it represents, not just because of the constant threat of terror, not because I fear that it will spread into our lands. It’s because of all those things, but mostly because my best friend is in the Army and I just don’t want him to be called to a duty over there.

I recently watched Bowling for Columbine and man did it open my eyes. Michael Moore is not only a really smart guy, but he has balls the size of cantaloupes. I think that his point is so valid, a lot of America’s problems are fear driven. I’d have to say that the scariest part of the whole film is that Marilyn Manson was the only person who raised a similar point of view to Michael Moore, and it was he that so many politicians choose to blame for our problems. I think it says a lot to think that this skapegoat is probably more intelligent than any of them. To anyone who hasn’t watched the movie; please go and watch it and open your eyes, you won’t regret it.

Where I have been…

Wow, what a week it has been. Last week the server administrator asked me if I would like to move to a better server? I thought, ‘what they hell, better ram and better processor will cut down on movabletype rebuild times, sure!’ Unfortunately he forgot to mention (and I forgot to ask) that some of the specialist Perl Modules were not installed.

As you can see from the last entry, “Test,” I had to reinstall the Berkeley DB before I could access moveabletype. These two modules are responsible for accessing the database that stored all the information for building the weblogs, so without them, we were screwed. Unfortunately it took a while for me to get in touch with the Admin and gain ‘root’ access to his server to be able to install it. For a lot of you non-geek humanoids this is probably a bit boring, but tough, I don’t make you read this.

I had a really tops weekend though, it was a lot of fun. Friday night we went to the RSL for the work force party at Zoo FM and charged out glasses for a couple of hours, followed by watching Van Helsing. It wasn’t a terrific movie, but I have certainly seen worse.

On Saturday night we all went to Breshan‘s 18th birthday party, which was a great time until some jerk decided to pick a fight with us. It was pretty funny, because ultimately I knew at the start of the night that something would happen. When we walked in I said to my friend Luke, “Hey dude, we totally don’t fit in at this party,” and we both laughed at it. As I looked around the room I saw a bunch of jocks and tough-guys, and very young teeny bopper girls. Me and my mates however, all listen to Metal and Punk music, Luke had his hair spiked up in full punk style and Ryan too. We were also geeks, which hardly fits in with Jocks, and we also found their bunch as amusing as they found us. It seemed like such a harmless comment to make when I said it, but in retrospect we should have taken it as a queue to say adios and turn our tails. We didn’t, shit happened, oh well.

I am going to be working on getting a good resume put together tonight. I want to do some freelance web design, coding and/or tech support work, so it will make it easier if I have a list of my qualifications and some links to work that I have done so far. Speaking of work I have done, I have been doing some touch ups on the Zoo FM website, which is one of the nicest looking websites I have done in a while. I wish I had time to sit and really give it a little more flare, but unfortunately when I am not being paid for work, I can’t really afford to do that.

As for right now, I need to find something to eat and just give my head a rest for a bit. I’ve been going at it pretty hard lately, so I think I need a break. I have an assignment that I have to get done ASAP too, it’s overdue, so I am scared.


Testing that Berkeley DB and DB_File are correctly installed… 🙂 🙂

Bittersweet Beer

I crack the top of an ice cold Cartlton Empire and sit on the couch. Jessica Simpson is on the television being ditsy and generally extremely dumb. The beer I am sipping is the first from a case that Dean bought to my house 2 days ago. He bought me a case of beer to thank him for helping him out by moving various Minidisc tracks on CD for him, and because he is leaving town soon.

It’s funny, he has only lived in Dubbo for about 5½ months and he is definitely my best friend it town. This is due to the fact that I am too busy with University to do too much socializing and the fact that he is just a top guy. I am totally going to miss him when he leaves, but unfortunately this is just one of the things that happen as you go through life – friend come and go, but good friends are friends forever.

With any luck I will get the boys together this weekend and we will go out and have a blinder. We’ve had a million good times lately and it seems fitting that we send Dean off with a bang.

The more I watch Jessica Simpson on her stupid television show, “Newlyweds,” the more I just imagine this conversation happening.

Britney: Hey Jessica!
Jessica: Hey, what’s up?
Britney: Oh, I just wanted to say thanks!
Jessica: Umm… For what?
Britney: For making me look like a fucking genius!

Even after a 24 hour marriage, it is still obvious that Jessica Simpson is dragging the chain in the IQ gene pool. It’s just a good thing she has never hurt herself, because it would easily qualify as the Darwin Award with the most media coverage.