You choose

I just spent twenty minutes going through my site and removing all the unnecessary target=”_new” tags from my links. Basically before I removed these tags, often times when you click a link a new window would open up. In every design school you will learn HTML from, they always say that if you give an external link that you should open a new window. This is to keep users at your site at all costs.

The way I see it is this; if you guys don’t want to stay, I won’t make you. Hell, I’m not the boss of you. Besides, if you really like the idea of opening up extra windows you can do it yourself right (right-clicking is amazing)? So why should I force it upon you.

Just a little plug here. If you are not already browsing using Firefox, then you should be. It is easily the best browser available. It supports PNG graphics (you won’t know how beautiful some sites can look until you have seen the effect) and tabbed browsing, which is awesome. With tabbed browsing, rather than having multiple windows, you can have multiple tabs in the same browser window. It definitely makes for some nice surfing if you look at a lot of sites at once like me.